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Making a name for clan in Fortnite is not easy. You may want to make a good, unique or funny name but you have no idea for that. Well, if you are looking for some ideas for clan names actually you are able to get the idea anywhere. One of them is from generator. Have you ever heard about clan name generator?

You may often heard about V-Bucks and skins generators. But, how about clan name generator? A clan name generator is also can be found. This generator can help you in giving a name for your clan. So, you do not have to think about the name, just ask the generator to find it.

One of the clan name generators that you are able to use is GenR8RS that you are able to access at genr8rs.com. This generator is designed to have a simple look and simple button so that everyone can use it easily. So, how to use this generator to create a name for Fortnite clan? Follow the instructions below.

  • First, you have to access genr8rs.com.
  • When you are in the site, you will find the generator there. The thing that you have to do is to choose the name format between Long or Short.
  • After choosing the name format, then you are able to give a check mark on the box saying ‘Epicfy your clan name?’. But, if you do not want to Epicfy your clan name, you do not have to give the check mark on this box.
  • Then, press the GenR8 button which is in purple color and then in a short time the generator will give you a name under the button.
  • If you do not like the name, then you are able to press the GENR8 button again and again until you get the name that you like.

How many letters do you want in your clan name? You may want to give a name for your clan in certain number of letters. For example, if you want to have clan name in 4 letters by using this generator, then you have to set the name format into Short and then you have to press GENR8 again and again until you get clan name in 4 letters.

There is also another idea that you can do to get 4-letter clan name. You can use this generator and find some names that you like. After that, you are able to combine the words and make it as an abbreviation in 4 letters.

Well, hopefully this information can help you in finding the name of your clan in Fortnite. But, talk about generator, there is a thing that we want to say to you. You can use clan name generator for getting an idea for your clan name. But, you cannot use V-Bucks and skin generators for getting V-Bucks and skins for free. Why? It is because V-bucks and skins generators are scams.

So, you are able to try to find the name of your clan in 4 letters now by using GenR8RS generator and find the name that you like.

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