AES Encryption Key Fortnite v9.30

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AES, which is also known as Advanced Encryption Standard, or Rijndael, is the name of the specification for the encryption of electronic data established by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology or NIST in 2001.

AES can be described as the subset of the Rijndael block cipher, developed by two Belgian cryptographers named Vincent Rijmen and Joan Daemen, who submitted a proposal to NIST during the AES selection process. Rijndael itself is the family of ciphers with different key abd block sizes.

For AES, NIST chose three members of the Rijndale family, every of it with the block size of 128 bits, but three different key lengths: 128, 192, and 256 bits. The thing called AES has been adopted by the U.S. government and is now used worldwide. This one supersedes the Data Encryption Standard or DES, that was published in 1977. The algorithm described by it as the symmetric key algorithm. It means the same key is used for both encrypting and decrypting the data.

On November 26, 2001, EAS was announced by the NIST as the U.S. FIPS PUB 197 or FIPS 197 in the United States. The announcement followed the five year standardization process in which 15 competing designs were presented and evaluated, before the Rinjdael cipher was chosen as the most suitable one.

In addition, AES became effective as the federal government standard on May 6, 2002, after approval by the Secretary of Commerce. This one is included in the ISO or IEC 18033-3 standard. The thing is available in a lot of different encryption packages. Beside, AES is the first and only publicly accessible cipher that was approved by the National Security Agency or NSA for top secret information when used in the NSA approved cryptographic module.

There are several EAS Fortnite keys. One of the is AES encryption key Fortnite v9.30. The AES encryption key Fortnite v9.90 is V9.3 = 0xCB2EB20E25AE4D7368F4C5DBB1238F15375DA55ABAB4EF75305265E2AD294BAC.

What about the latest one? What is the latest EAS encryption key Fortnite? The latest one is V11.31 AES Key:0x6C51ABA88CA1240A0D14EB94701F6C41FD7799B102E9060D1E6C316993196FDF. If you want to know the previous AES encryption keys Fortnite, here is the full list of it. Make sure to check it well and if you have any question, you can try to look for the answer by visiting the community.


9.02.2018 = 0x2CCDFD22AD74FBFEE693A81AC11ACE57E6D10D0B8AC5FA90E793A130BC540ED4

17.03.2018 = 0xADBB45488E8DE69437AD4F31D3569B0F710D2092799BFB1CE21D5CF9744097C3

29.03.2018 = 0x7129D5E578F0DC3821E3CD704F01E511F9A60340CF5B4C850F3B0B6B5E80D0B9

??.04.2018 = F6F6F7029F313A772C7AA17B50A26B4A6723A3467AB095AC911FD6398E91DC7

19.04.2018 = 0xA3278BA7DDD751A75456415A36C3559138E99134D08958C44C2FD29E4BBF342B

24.04.2018 = 0x06FAA3C715608759855F551DBF5F7D8302E90E3671CA1B54BAB55FB3E0890BE5

1.05.2018 = 0xBB3FE1D6E9296C2C0DBC880D07C7BFD6B4A6D8277D486446353B079B790CC434

8.05.2018 = 0x094E272E681207E061897192FEB7DB8C6B6DB228D5B53080645348C18B8FB5D7

16.05.2018 = 0x9D8C9A4A4FA082F213EED604B6E756237181685EEDA82216437617D7AA5231AF

v5.00 = 0x81C42E03B21760A5C457C8DB7D52BA066F0633D0891FD9E37CF118F27687924A

v6.02 = 0xD99660BBE70346E5BBEC944E0921051408B41CCB753F0CFA945A0F941C333E3B

v6.10 = 0x47C3245CFAB0F785D4DB3FA8E9967F887ECD623FA51308F1BD6BDB58FCFC6583

v6.20 = 0x60D1D252C5996FAC112A74EC72F84A6BCD2C61F7050812F70D0928B41A3D682A

v6.30 = 0xDA62D5DBF537499EF82351FC4751D2AFC82E35CAF19945BDD02E3C6BB9462491

v6.31 = 0x9342FF75017B9502F0BDA699431876241436FC556F1AE12E285E96D143FC8BDC

v7.1 = 0x73C95026DDCE5F8CE52BB69C55B8FA027E9FF58C6211D9001095AAC2ABDE6714

v7.2 = 0x265E1A5E2741895843D75728B73AEB6A814D3B0302FC69BE39BB3F408B9B54E6

v7.3 = 0xD23E6F3CF45A2E31081CB7D5F94C85EC50CCB1A804F8C90248F72FA3896912E4

v7.4 = 0xF2A0859F249BC9A511B3A8766420C6E943004CF0EAEE5B7CFFDB8F10953E994F

v8.0 = 0xAC7AF84B59C4BD4F916F7EFCB292B3A5897CFF7DD7A688AC8B3791A4EDF32E7B

v8.1 = 0x52C122AC39C8D56ED15834768A87D18AA26E74CA694060B9E6BCC1C39C0852FA

v8.2 = 0x5F3B1AE176BF56D5FD1AA073DC01868692ABC11B9186BB12D9235072BBAEE8E2

v8.3 = 0x808029B1FA7BD3108E3AD5D81E03B9CD001471FE1546B9B902A52113E3C01CEE

v8.4 = 0x67D061EFA8E049F7C62F1C460F14CD5AD7E601C13F3FB66F0FB090B72B721ACC

v9.0 = 0x38C910C99FF26B29B98FBCC8FA0FBB700DB7DADCBCDCB71C4D443A047B7280CE

V9.1 = 0x67D061EFA8E049F7C62F1C460F14CD5AD7E601C13F3FB66F0FB090B72B721ACC

V9.2 = 0xE47F0FE3C66BC50D65A92F93609710FEB580BD982017A7D3FC6DE7872197E0CA

V9.4 = 0x6bd8d67b235476950deefc3f28646284462653c968331f0796c155a882dabb8a

V10 = 0x397a9e8df2c978a004bcc3da19e9ec7caf050fe91aa6e258cd5e24d83ff43e1a

V10.10 = 0x96A032AA931880ACBA60312208226FE56CB4DC7A98C9728EF0C995FB6DD7B5A6

V10.20 = 0x060309b7ea3db4d87849a4dcd118b0fcd1671b335efbf115ada26ead22c8ac0c

V10.30 = 0xccbbaddb24a0d16c14088ab762ca93dadfd3cb773619cbf49a05a3bcc5ad920d

V10.31 = 0xc4b8d8b83a3cb084303a1053360b837f2adbd08da85292123ec01eedea054120

V10.40 = 0x3ff229552fe0f0dc46a495f9e94766eb6b5106a136597c60e7132f413b7c016e

V11 = 0xc078e51f6ec259767bf61fee58cd3c4c367e487d9dfd9ef1c2d504bbc97360ee

v11.01 = 0x907e55a88b1fd1ded3cbcd49e84b6e53dc15bd9f3ca8e5675379b8dc34d6b67b

v11.10 = 0x60b40115a36dd9f17cc4a352f03211e3a859ac664fef7e7200930f849fd8a980

v11.11 = 0x1d2857d0f4e147d01f38ce68045613d27bd372d941906c1736128179c2ea1798

v11.20 = 0x046f57d5b63972e6298fb5d89e72d7bbbd6826676c081f3546b8e2e403a672e7

v11.21 = 0xbb667b704dae1a2cad7a79870cd032ad1da2c036079f976a0c373d18d85f5378

v11.30 = 0x8c4cc9e6f7f2a770f4e35bfa48741df0571dba3d255ac021168721d0d8188647

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