All Mythic Weapons in Fortnite Locations

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Have you ever heard the newest component on Fortnite? Of course, this component can complete your game-play when having battle. We guess that everyone on Fortnite really want to have this. However, this component is involved as a main thing that must exist on having battle on Fortnite. So, let see what the component is!!!

Talking about the latest component on Fortnite, automatically as a Fortnite player, you will be amazed by its existence. Certainly, it can be a power of Epic Games in which this publisher is so kind to launch a new item to come. When the item is coming, so surprisingly, that can be a new spirit for every gamer on Fortnite, especially for a newcomer.

Unfortunately, when the item is launching, there are some requirements needed. For example, you will get a chance to get the new item when you reach the certain level, have a highest point, or complete the challenge in certain season, that will come as a reward as well. However, it is really normal to remember that you have to reach the goal first.

Then, the newest component that Epic Games have launched is a Mythic. This is involved as a gorgeous weapon that can be used to have a battle. But, this weapon should be found on some locations on Fortnite map. The total of Mythic weapon is about five spread around the locations.

In fact, this newest item can be called a unique appearance. Of course, it is not strange when all Fortnite players really desire to have this amazing weapon. But, to have this weapon, definitely you have to reach the certain level. Certainly, each Mythic weapon provides certain goal and requirement to be owned.

So, let’s learn about each Mythic weapon and how to get it on certain location!

  • Mythical Drum Gun

The first is called as Mythical Drum Gun. This presents to fire at a very effective target and rate, then, it causes a insane damage output. Certainly, to get this one, you have to eliminate “Midas” at the Agency who is also on level 10 Battle pass Skin.

  • Mythical Grappler and AR

The second Mythic can be found on Shark Island. As we know that this island is one of latest Pols on Fortnite map. This island can be mentioned as a home for Mythical Assualt Rifle and Mythical Grappler. To obtain this, you need to eliminate the boss of the Pol. For this case, the boss is Skye with level 80 Battle pass skin.

  • Mythical Boom Bow

The next can be found in a place heading over to the south-western side of the map. Then, you will get TNTina who reside on the new Oil Ring POl.

  • Mythical Mini Gun

If you come to the underground base titled “Gronto”, automatically, you will get a chance to obtain this Mythical Mini Gun there. You have to know Brutus as a boss of this secret lair which will have a Mini-Gun.

  • Mythical Heavy Assualt Rifle

The last Mythic weapon is called as Mythical Heavy Assualt Rifle. This is located at the north-eastern point of the map above the Steamy Stacks. The boss of this weapon has done over 70 damage if you land a headshot there.

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