All Shadow Safe House Locations in Fortnite

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If you are looking for Shadow Safe Houses on the Fortnite map, in this article, we are going to share the locations on where you will need to go to find them. This is a challenge of “Find Shadow Safe Houses” that you will need to complete to get the new styles for your Battle Pass skin and to earn some XP.

We get information that this challenge is a part of the Brutus’ Briefing Challenges which you are able to complete in Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2. You are going to want to complete these because you are going to get a chance to select from the Shadow and Ghost versions of the Brutus skin. After you pick one of those, you are going to be locked in, so ensure to select wisely.

You have remember that in this second batch of challenges for Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2, the players are tasked with visiting five Shadow Safe Houses. For your information, Shadow is one of two rival secret agent cartels now vying for power in Fortnite’s universe. There are various Ghost and Shadow bases and hideouts scattered across the map.


Apparently, there are five locations of Shadow safe houses. There are Alpha, Beta, Charlie, Delta, and Echo that scattered around the map. A few of these is going to require you to enter a nearby Porta-Potty or Dumpster to enter. You are able to find the locations listed on the explanation below.

  • Alpha Shadow Safe House

The Alpha Shadow Safe House is located on the eastern side of Pleasant Park. To get into it, you have to go to the gas station there. Then, you need to enter the porta-potty out back. This appears to be the only way to access this Alpha Shadow Safe House. You are going to be transported into a secret base where the Henchmen will immediately open fire. As Scar likes to say, please be prepared.

  • Beta Shadow Safe House

The second Shadow Safe House is Beta Shadow Safe house. It located just east of the Frenzy Farm. Remember that it is a gas station. You are able to go to the brick building behind the gas station and hop into the porta-potty that can transport you into the hidden base. Please be ready for a fight.

  • Charlie Shadow Safe House

The third Shadow Safe House location is in a plain building near Craggy Cliffs. Several of these have telescopes and all of them have Upgrade Stations.

  • Delta Shadow Safe House

This Delta Shadow Safe House is located on the Lazy Lake Island. The Henchman patrol the island, so you have to be careful.

  • Echo Shadow Safe House

This last Shadow Safe House is located south of Sweaty Sands and north of Holly Hedges, almost directly between the two. It is a particularly unassuming little house, though you will notice the blue-colored fan boxes on the outside.

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