All Shield Back Blings in Fortnite

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In Fortnite, shield back blings refer to the shield-type back bling cosmetic items for the game called Fortnite Battle Royale. They are for cosmetic purposes only and do not provide any function or add any benefit to players equipping it.

For those who are looking for the shield back blings in Fortnite, here is the list:

1. Royale Shield

Royale Shield is the name of one of the shield-kind back bling cosmetic items for the game Fortnite Battle Royale. This one features a medieval shield with a red colored horse crest and a blue and white background. This shield is identical to the Squire Shield.

2. Black shield

Black Shield refers to one of the most sought-after back bling cosmetic shield items for the game Fortnite Battle Royale. Just like the other back blings, this one is made purely for aesthetical reasons and does not provide any gameplay functions or benefits to players equipping it. This shield is a medieval shield covered in pure black paint and dark metal outline. It has a cool-looking emblem painted in the middle of the shield. The emblem of it represents a black dragon holding a sword and breathing fire in its mouth. Even though it is designed to be used with the Black Knight skin, it is able to also be used by the other skins. The cool-looking shield item is one of the best in the game.

3. Runic Shield

Runic Shield is included in the few shield type back bling items available to the Fortnite Battle Royale. This one is a wooden shield reinforced by a mysterious black rock with runic engravings. The heater shaped shield has a blue gem embedded in the middle of the shield. Aside from that, the blue stone also emits a mysterious blue aura that lingers around this back bling. It has a similar design to the Emblazoned Buckler, but features a different shield shape.

4. Spider Shield

Spider Shield was released for the 2018 Halloween event. This one is a giant black spider carapace that is redesigned to be a shield. It is strapped on the back of the player when equipped. This shield features bright red eyes and sharp edges. Even though it is a shield item, equipping it does not provide any added protection or benefit to the wearer.

5. Loyal Shield

Loyal Shield is the name of the Epic cosmetic item equipped on the back of the player. This one features a Chinese inspired shield plated with gold and painted in green. The center of it has lamellar steel plates surrounded by gold decals. It is the bonus back bling item of the Epic skin called Guan Yu.

There are a lot of shield back blings in Fortnite. Aside from those five, there are some other ones such as Dark Shield, Red Shield, Banner Shield, Squire Shield, and many more. Please visit the official website of Epic Games as well as the other ones to get the information about them.

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