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Season 10 of Fortnite Battle Royale is coming to the end following the big world changing event. it means you only have a few days left to complete any remaining challenges before Season 11 arrives. The newest batch is Week 9’s Bullseye challenges, and a mission that might give you some trouble is to hit an easy firing range target. The task of it is enough to accomplish, but the tricky part is knowing where to go, that is why we guide of all shooting range locations to help you out.

Where all shooting range locations Fortnite? There are four shooting range locations scattered around the island, most of which are located on the western portion of the map. There is a sign in front of each shooting range location, so you are able to easily tell when you have found one. The first location is southwest of Haunted Hills, the second location is directly south of Snobby Shores, the third location is southern portion of Polar Peak, and the fourth location is just north of Lucky Landing.

How to complete the challenge? Once you know where all shooting range locations are located, you need to go to one and step on the button next to the sign. That will cause targets to show up. For the standard version of the challenge, all that you have to do is to shoot one of the easy or closer targets. The more challenging Prestige version that you will unlock after completing all seven regular challenges, needs you to hit a hard target, but this one too should be easy enough.

It seems like the rest of the Week 9’s challenges are all fairly straightforward, but the other ones that might give you some problem if you do not know where to look is to land on different bullseyes. Those are painted on the ground in different corners of the island, so in case you need help finding them, please be sure to check out the guide of the bullseye locations.

The challenges of the week come as part of the Bullseye Mission Bundle and include lots of accuracy-themed challenges. This one is fitting given the fact that the developer of Fortnite called Epic Games just implemented a bunch of aim assist and the other controls changes in the game.

One of the Bullseye challenges asks the players with hitting the easy target at the firing range. There is ItsPrestige counterpart that requires you to hit a hard targets pop up at all the firing ranges in the game, but you will need to complete each mission in different matches since Prestige challenges do not activate until you have completed all the normal ones.

Season 10 of the Fortnite is scheduled to end on October 13, so you have the time until then to complete any remaining challenges from the season. Please check out the official website of Epic Games regularly and follow the social media to get the latest update.

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