All Singularity Helmet Locations in Fortnite

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In Season 9 of Fortnite, there is a Singularity Fortnite skin which has five different styles. The styles can be unlocked by collecting hidden helmets. So, you need to know the locations of these helmets. This season is also the first season to introduce Fortbytes to the game and collecting 90 of these Fortbytes will give you Singularity skin. If you are able to get this skin, then you are able to unlock the styles by finding the helmets.

There are 5 helmets that you have to find. The helmets are only able to be seen once you have the Singularity skin and once you approach the helmet. It floats in the air and you have to search it. Here are the locations of the helmets that you have to find.

  • Cuddle Helmet – Pressure Plant

The Cuddle style of Singularity skin can be found at Pressure Plant where the Robot is being built. You are able to find it on the north side of the POI once floor down on the platform closer to the Robot.

  • Pizza Helmet – Loot Lake

How about Pizza Helmet? You are able to find this helmet at Loot Lake and the location of it is on the north side of the POI. Here, there is a ledge overlooking the Vault.

  • Durrr Helmet– Neo Tilted

This helmet is able to be found at Neo Tilted exactly on the platform looking at statue of Singularity on the east side of the POI.

  • Rex Helmet– South West of Dusty Divot

Finding Rex helmet is a little bit more difficult since the location is in some trees. You will find three big trees which are able to be found north east of Shifty Shafts, south west of Dusty Divot. You are able to go to the tree which is closer to Shifty Shafts and you will find the Rex helmet.

  • Drift Helmet – Polar Peak

You are able to find Drift Helmet in the north of Polar Peak which is near to where the Monster has escaped from. The Drift helmet is next to a crate and an overturned wooden table.

On Youtube, you are able to watch some videos about finding these helmets and you are able to watch them to help you know where the helmets are or just for entertainment. Here are the videos that you are able to watch.

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Well, that’s all the information that we are able to give to you regarding the Singularity helmets. Thank you for reading and enjoy your Fortnite game.

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