All XP Coin Locations in Fortnite Season 2 (weeks 1-4)

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is out now. DO you want to play it soon? What is the challenge that you can find in this season? As leaked news, Epic Games already offers the gorgeous challenge that can make Fortnite player falling in love with it. Epic Games also prepares the reward for anyone who can complete the challenge as good as possible? So, what is it and how to complete the challenge?

As we have known well that Epic Games always provide the unimaginable challenging mission in which none can guess it correcty. Indeed, this can be a special characteristic of Fortnite that always present a fun way of playing Fortnite. Of course, that’s no wonder if more people who are interested in battle game are kindly to join with Fortnite.

As Season 1 was out and has played by most of Fortnite player, definitely it offers many challenging mission that should be completed by player to get more points. Certainly, almost Fortnite players are amazed with Fortnite Season 1.

Then, now, the Fortnite Season 2 is out and can be played on some devices such as Pc, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, XBox One and mobile devices. So, let’s find what is new on Fortnite Season 2!!!

For higher Fortnite players, they may already know what something new in Fortnite Season 2. Yeah… the challenging mission must be completed to get more XP coins. In this case, Epic Games will give the rewards for the players who can complete the mission in Season 1 starting from week 1 to week 4. However, it is a very challenging to get this.

Do you know what is XP coin? XP coin is a kind of coin that you can get on some locations in the map. It seems sound easy to grab the XP coins, you just come to the location where the XP coins are. But in a real, it is a kind hard enough job to do. Indeed, you must have the skill to know where the coins exactly are located.

In this case, XP coins have some types in which each type has certain characteristic and also the different color. Certainly, the value level from each coin is totally different. Well, here are the types of XP coins:

  • XP Purple Coin

This coin can be called as a damage coin in which you should grab this as fast as possible. If not, this coin will explode into a bunch of smaller coins spread to anywhere. If it happens, definitely, you should pick up soon the exploding smaller coins, or they will fade away immediately.

Of course, you can avoid it not to happen by boxing arounf it and running into it. Then, you can pick them quickly. In each coin fragment, you will get rewards +125 experiences. The amount of XP purple coin is 5,310 XP (531 XP x 10).

  • XP Blue Coin

This can be called as really rare coins in which you just get for about 600-800 experience points. However, the amount of blue coins that you may find in map is just about 3 coins.

  • XP Orange Coin

Besides the rare blue coins, there are also rarest XP coins with orange color. This typically can be found in certain vault locations at the moment. Of course, finding orange coins can be a hardest way to find the XP coins. But, this hard coin offers the most experience points, topping out at 2,000 points per coin. It is a big deal, isn’t it?

As we see that this looks like when the challenges for a particular battle pass skin releases, then, the particular location will receive a legendary coin inside of it. Then, you are able to get the great guide as we presented on the picture below.

  • XP Green Coins

This coin is more common in which you can get it easily. However, the green coins will appears on very easy reach location. So, the green coin is easier way to get XP coin because the coins are scattered throughout in the map. If you can get the green coins as fast as possible, of course, you will gain 450 XP coins. That’s so fantastic, isn’t it?

Then, after you know the all types of XP coins, as we promised, we will show the picture to inform the location of all XP coins on the map.

The picture was shared by Squatingdog on his official twitter. We purposely choose this picture as accurate XP location in the map. Besides, the picture totally can be a guide to lead you finding the XP coin easily.

Well, we know well the Squatingdog in which he is a full-time partnered Twitch Streamer that always share about the tips and the tricks in playing Fortnite. He comes from Costa Mesa, California. If you want to know him well, you can follow him on Twitter @thesquatingdog or click this link

Squatingdog also offers an easiest way if you really desire to get XP coins by download his app

By sharing the picture above, of course, we hopefully can help you in finding the XP coins seeing before though the map.

named Squatingdog for Fortnite app. The app will show accurately the location of each coin, then, you can check off the list well. These will update every two weeks with the new content, so are you ready to get a lot more?

Download it for Android 

Download it for iOS 

But, if you want to try learning the map of XP coins location without downloading the Squatingdod app, definitely, you can get it by watching the video from YouTube that will give you a guide in grabbing the XP coins.

One of YouTube channel sharing the guide is Perfect Store with video entitled “All XP Coins Location Guide – Fortnite Season 2 Week 1 & 2 (All Green, Blue, Purple & Gold XP Coins)” In the video, you can get the perfect guide that can lead you to come to the location where the XP coins are located.

Now, it is your turn to try grabbing the XP coins and get the more points through it. Good Luck!

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