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When you are playing Fortnite, you may want to explore a creative map and hope to get unforgettable experience from it. Of course, exploring for a creative map in Fortnite is really exciting to do. However, the creative Fortnite map generally offers for any gorgeous views and great challenge within the map.

As we know that there are many challenges that you can find in Fortnite creative maps. Of course, almost all challenges offer its interesting and unique thing to complete. If there are many Fortnite players who prefer the creative map, it surely does not wonder.

Now, there is a gorgeous game added to Fortnite creative map which is really great to complete. However, this game has been popular all over YouTube and Twitch. So, what is the new game or challenge added to the creative map?

About Among Us Game

In the creative map of Fortnite, you definitely can play the game or challenge called Among US. This is recently added into Fortnite as a map in creative mode. However, the game is an excellent way to gather up some friends, kill any people, complete any tasks and banter among the people you are playing with. This is not a 1-to-1 remake that still gets you close enough to the real thing that you will have a good time. Then, get the game to play for free.

What is Among Us Code?

Certainly, to be able to enter a creative map in Fortnite, at least you will need a code. So as with the Among Us game, you definitely must have the code.

  • Among Us Code: 0288-3600-7090

To get access to Among Us games, you surely enter the code into one of the portals in the Fortnite Creative Hub. Of course, this map has many same gameplays as the real game. Then, you are able to join up with 10 different people.

How to Play Among Us Game

Among Us creative maps in Fortnite is also called Amidst US. In this game, there will be one or two different imposters and your goal is to eliminate the crewmates without getting caught. The crew is able to call meetings if they think they know who the imposter is. Then, it can vote them out.

It happens when microphones become unmuted and you can discuss among everyone who you think the imposter is. Well, if you are the imposter, you will desire to persuade them to leave you alone and get rid of someone else.

In this case, meetings can be mentioned if a body is found that is represented by a snowman on the map. For this way, you can also beat the emergency meeting button located in the middle of the Control Room.

Need to know that the imposter has access to the vents in which you can hide and get around to move fast around the map. It is important for you to ensure that a crew member does not see you going in and out of there because it will give you away. Moreover, you are able to sabotage certain parts of the map as the imposter in these vents.

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