Are JuJu and Ninja Related?

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Are you also one of those who are so curious about the relationship between Juju and Ninja?
Are Juju and Ninja related?
What make Juju always related to Ninja Streamer?

Yeah… to answer those questions, definitely you should keep staying on this page and know the facts about them by scrolling this page down. Of course, not only you who want to know more about the relationship between Juju and Ninja, but most of Fortnite players really desire to find a fact about them. So, that’s so normal if you are coming here to get the right facts about them.

Who are them? Surely as veteran Fortnite players, you really know with them. We can say that Juju and Ninja has a different professional career at all. Due to the question, they seem have a same career, don’t they? But, they do not totally have a same profession at all. Their profession maybe can be said to be very far away.

In this case, we are going to dissect about them for detail and why they are so closer as well.

We really know well who Ninja is. As many articles or gaming news even Fortnite players have given information about him very well. Yeah… he is so popular as best-professional and competitive Fortnite players for some years. Of course, as Fortnite player, you will recognize about him. When hearing the name, automatically, your brain will be connected to a guy as most Fortnite winner in every champion cup. Certainly, you will not be doubt for his skill in Fortnite.

Talking about Juju, definitely, if you are typing the keyword on your browser related to him, of course, you can find that he is an American football wide receiver for Pittsburgh Steelers of National Football League. Here, you will be confused in which there is no related to Ninja as best-professional Fortnite player.

But, if you look for the facts about him even farther, automatically you will find some amazing facts why he is so related to Ninja.

So surprisingly, he said that he was star-struck while playing Fortnite with popular Streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins in 2018. Then, he also wrote about his admiration to Ninja in which his idol has so gorgeous ability and innovation as a part of Time Magazine’s as the list of 100 most influential people. He was at a loss for words while playing Fortnite with superstar Streamer, Ninja.

So, in this case, we can conclude well in which he really admires to Ninja as best professional Fortnite streamer. It means that Juju is Ninja’s fans in gaming. So, that’s why there are many news related to them and how closer they are. Evidently, they ever had playing Fortnite for two years ago.

Now, he also has the attractiveness to Fortnite. So, in February 2018, he has announced for a partnership with the popular gaming group Faze Clan to sell merchandise. Now, he is well-known at once as a Football player and Fortnite player. He also has official YouTube channel named Juju Smith Shcuster channel. In his channel, he always posts Fortnite Battle Royale gameplay, Call of Duty and his daily life videos.

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