Are Pumps Back in Fortnite?

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Pump or Pump Shotgun has become the player’s favorite weapon. Unfortunately, this weapon has been vaulted by Epic Games due to some reasons. Since vaulted, lots of Fortnite fans have started talking about this shotgun. They totally desire the Pump returns back to Fortnite.

As a weapon user, you may also hope that the Pump will be back to the game sooner or later. Recently SypherPK, one of the famous Fortnite streamers tweeted that pump shotgun may return to the game this year but not during this season. Then, is it true? Let’s find out the Pump’s facts below!

Are Pumps Back in Fortnite

Is It Possible the Pumps Will Be Back to Fortnite?

Unfortunately, SypherPK tweeted about the returning of the pump shotgun to the game as a joke. However, his jokes have been accepted by NickEh30 and he then shared the sentimenting on unvaulting the pump shotgun in Fortnite. You may already know that SypherPK is an influential Fortnite content creator which frequently carries the significant weight of opinion among the Fortnite community.

He thought that the pump has been in the Fortnite since its inception. In other words, the pump shotguns are responsible for the most eliminations in Fortnite. The pump shotgun was vaulted for the first time since the Combat Shotgun was introduced to the game. Then, it’s the second time the weapon was vaulted when the charge and the Tactical Shotgun was released back to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3.

Regardless of the rumors about the return of the Pump Shotgun to the game, unfortunately, the Pumps are not back to Fortnite as there’s no official confirmation from Epic Games related to this rumor. In this case, the incredible information leading to these issues is absolutely needed.

Therefore, many Fortnite players still hope that the pump shotgun will be back to the game sooner or later. However, the veteran Fortnite players will always remember  many of the Fortnite weapons, especially the Pump shotgun that remind them at the top of the list to this day.

Since the pump shotgun has been vaulted, Epic Games actually decided to shelf the weapon, replacing it with a similar model and function. Unfortunately, most Fortnite players  never truly received the transition. They still want to work with the Pumps in the game.

The point is, the Pump Shotgun will not be back to the Fortnite at the time of writing. This weapon may reappear in any of the further seasons. All things we have to do is to just wait for the next information related to the return of the pump shotgun to the game.

When Was the Pump Vaulted?

The Pump Shotgun was originally vaulted following Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3. This weapon was replaced with the Charge Shotgun  in matches. Therefore, the Pump Shotgun is still available in the Fortnite Creative Mode. So if you miss it, you will have a chance to relive the experience from time to time.

This weapon may also appear in Limited Time Modes (LTMs) because the set of available weapons is constantly in flux for these matches. In order to use it in LMT, you should check it regularly to notice which is recently being used-especially if you are interested to get their hands on the solid gold variant.

Moreover, Pump Shotgun was denoted as one of the popular Pumps in Fortnite. It is considered by a lot of players to be one of the perfect weapons in Fortnite’s history. Unfortunately, this weapon was vaulted in the ongoing season. Of course, it’s so normal if many Fortnite players suddenly talked more about this weapon, hoping it will hit back the game.

Knowing More About Pump ShotGun

Pump is a Shotgun that you can find in Fortnite Battle Royale. This weapon uses Shells as ammo which has a headshot multiplier of x2. It will also fire ten pellets in a spread to deal damage. The Pump Shotgun is very slow to output immense damage up close  even if it’s fired from a limited magazine. Moreover, the Pump Shotgun is completely lacking in ranged combat ability. It does not constantly shoot when the trigger is held down.

Epic Games has released the Pump Shotgun on patch 6.31 which is practically very painful. The Pump Shotguns released are Legendary (orange) and Epic (purple) types which are ready to get “Victory Royale”. This weapon also has 4 different rarities, they are: Common (grey) Uncommon (green), Rare (blue), Epic (blue), and Legendary (orange).

Of course, each type has different specifications, let’s find out more information about this weapon below!

  • Common (Grey)

For the common rarity, it has total damage of 70 and DPS (Damage Per Second) of 70. For this Magazine 5 type, the time to fill the bullet is 5.7 seconds with 45 structure damage.

  • Uncommon (Green)

The types of bullets used by all types of Pump Shotguns are Shell and Slug and have a DPS (Damage per Second) of 63 and their own damage of 90.

For the fire rate, all types of Pump Shotguns are given 0.7 with a magazine size of 5.Time to reload bullets for this Uncommon Pump Shotgun for 4.8 seconds and structure damage of 45.

  • Rare (Blue)

This shell and slug type shotgun has a DPS (Damage per Second) of 66.5 and a total damage of 95. the time to reload bullets for this rare type for 4.6 seconds with 48 structure damage.

  • Epic (Purple)

This Epic pump shotgun has a DPS (Damage per Second) of 70 with total damage of 100. The fire rate for this type of shotgun is 0.7 with time to reload the bullet for 4.4 seconds and the structure damage is 51.

  • Legendary (Orange)

For this Legendary type it has total damage of 105 and DPS (Damage Per Second) of 73.5. For this Magazine 5 type, the time to fill the bullet is 4.2 seconds with 54 structure damage. Surely this type of shotgun is really painful to use.

Well, those are all the rarity of the Pump Shotgun that you should know.

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