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If we want to join a competition, of course we need to know the rules, right? Now, if you want to join the Arena Mode, you have to know the rules so that you do not make any mistakes and also you are able to reach your goal in the game to be the winner.

This mode is a good place to go to for higher level play. So far, you may be sick of playing with unskilled or new players in Fortnite in the regular game modes and you need the opponents which have the same skill like you. Then, Arena is a great place for you. In Arena mode, there will be some strategies for being able to grind your way up to the Champions League and gain access to events such as the World Cup Qualifiers.

If you are looking for a competitive Fortnite, Arena mode is the answer since here you are able to play on the same level as the pros. So, you need to know the rules.

  • First, the changes to the rules in this mode is the siphon. This is one of feature in Arena mode which will give you a healing bonus when you make an elimination. If you can eliminate, you will get 50 HP or Shield and it depends on which of these is full and which needs healing.
  • The second one is materials. In Arena mode, you will find a material cap which can limit you to be able to hold just 500 of each material. This rule is able to limit the options of your building a bit if you tend to rely on it. The players which are high level pro usually are able to build really fast. So, they are able to run out of materials quickly. They are skilled at collecting materials and it means that the material cap is not a problem for them. But, if the style of your play is too reliant on building, then it probably will give you an effect. If you want to be successful even though there is a limitation in materials, you have to be taking on players and limiting your building. Also, you have to permit yourself to hold on to enough materials for an emergency even after a build which is major.
  • Another rule is that in Arena mode, the map is more stable than the regular game. However, there are still changes environments which happen but limited time features are often missing. Or, sometimes portals that pop up for crossovers are not always included in the competitive map. So, it is important for you to pay attention to updates to keep on top of things.

For being updated, you are able to pay attention to the Patch Notes so that you are able to progress through the Arena mode and rise in the ranks of Fortnite. Well now, you have known the rules of the Arena mode, so make sure that you do not make any mistakes when you are playing in the Arena mode. Good luck!

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