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You probably already know with the Fortnite gamer named ASMR. Definitely, he is famous with his ways in explaining his gameplay on video in which he was always chewing gum to make his fans so relax with it.

However, by chewing gum can be an excellent way for everyone who hearing your sounds to get pleasure and enjoyable. Then, they will be cozy to watch your video a lot even if you are as a streamer of Fortnite. Then, the great way of chewing gum really has been done by ASMR to give the gameplay on Fortnite. Surprisingly, his fans really love with his way and they often request to him to make the other video while chewing gum.

Here are some ASMR videos with chewing gum that has attracted many viewers to watch it a lot:

  • ASMR Gaming | Fortnite Relaxing Gum Chewing Sounds Controller Sounds + Whispering

This is the first video with gum chewing from ASMR that make viewers so relaxing to hear his sound. This video has been viewed more than 300K viewers and favored by 3.2K likes. This video was posted on December 16, 2018. On this video, the ASMR is chewing the gum as the requesting from his subscribers to make the video while chewing gum. However, chewing gum while streaming can be a high-skill a lot. If the common people do it, definitely it can be hard for the, for the first time.

On the video, he showed that he did some challenged to jump and land in a land. The challenge called as the metal turtle challenge. Then, the character broke the roof when first landing to get a burst, some dynamite and also shotgun as the clue for this challenge. You can totally hear his sound on the video at this link:

  • ASMR Gaming: Fortnite Ep. 3 (Gum Chewing)

This is second video when he was chewing gum for the umpteenth time. This chance is also as the requesting from his subscribers on YouTube. This vidoe was published on November 30, 2017, but until now, there are still many viewers who are paying attention a lot to watch the video. Besides watching the video, his fans also hear his exotic sound on streaming his gameplay while chewing the gum.

As many fans said that when he was chewing gum, it can be add the relaxing peaceful sound that make them so calm. Because of his gum chewing sound, this video has been watched by more than 500K viewers and has favored by 5.9K likes. On this video, he got the challenge that can be found on Fortnite Ep. 3. If you want to watch it for detail, you can visit it through this link at:

  • ASMR Gaming | Fortnite Season 9 Relaxing Gum Chewing (2nd Win)

This is the last video in our article that show him chewing gum while streaming his Fortnite game play posted on his YouTube channel. The video was published on May 12, 2019 and has been watched by more than 95K viewers with 1.9K likes. On this video, he showed his gameplay on Fortnite Season 9 to complete his challenge. When he was streaming and sharing his gameplay, he was always accompanied by chewing gum sounds as well. However, it is as the request from his fans on YouTube. To watch his video, you can visit his official YouTube channel through this link:

Then, we just can share some of the videos when he was chewing gum. Definitely there are still many his gameplay video while chewing gum. So, you can visit his two YouTube channels ASMR Gaming News and ASMR Labs.

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