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You may want to activate the 2FA in your Fortnite account by using an Authenticator App, but you do not know what authenticator app which can be used for iPhone especially for iPhone 5s. We are going to inform you about it so keep reading this.

Based on various sources, there are some authenticator apps that can be used for iOS and it includes iPhone. However, it is not specifically for iPhone 5s but if your device is iPhone 5s and you want to know whether these authenticator apps can be used by your iPhone 5s, you can try to install it.

Here are some authenticator apps that you can use for your iOS including iPhone.

  • Google Authenticator

This authenticator app is simple, popular and easy to use. This app is available not only for iOS but also for android. This app is compatible with iPhone and iPad but Apple Watch app. This app is not like the other apps. This app just has one feature which is generating codes. Some people may think that this simple app is sufficient but for some others, this app should be able to do more.

  • Authy

This authenticator app is a lot further than Google Authenticator. There are a desktop app for Mac, iOS and Android apps, Apple Watch app, and a browser plugin for Chrome. To start this app, Authy will ask that you confirm your device via a code which is sent by SMS or phone call. Then, you will be asked to set up a password for access to your backups. It is important for you to know that this app stores encrypted backups of your 2FA services that you are able to recover on other devices with this password.

  • 1Password

This app will manage your 2FA codes together with your username and password as well. You are able to sync your database via the 1Password servers if you use the subscription service of this app and if you use the standalone app, you are able to sync your database via Dropbox.

  • LastPass Authenticator

This app is almost the same as Authy regarding to its features. Both of these apps offer encrypted backups, multi-device synchronization, and also support push notifications. However, this app is lack of support for complementary devices such as desktop and smartwatches.

  • Duo Mobile

This authenticator app is designed for enterprise which offer multiple plans suited for multiple users. This app is a security platform to manage the access and authentication of multiple users. This app also shares better support for third-party services and social media sites and this app is consistently updated. It also can support backups which are encrypted and the device that you are using will determine where the backups are saved. If your device is iOS, the backups will be saved on iCloud.

Well, those are five authenticator that you can use for your iPhone. You can use them to activate 2FA on your Fortnite. So, you can try to choose one of the apps above and make your Fortnite account safe with it.

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