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Since its releases, Fortnite has become the most popular video game in the world that has attracted for millions of the gamers around the world. Certainly, many Fortnite players who have joined with it are influenced by the lack of serious age restriction. So, what is the average age of Fortnite players until now?

When Epic Games released the awesome game that never exists for a decade, of course, it makes many parents so worried in which their kids are really ambitious to play Fortnite. By having the gruesome content is totally enough to make the parents prohibit their children to open the Fortnite game. So, is it true that the average of Fortnite player is the age of the kids?

Of course, to answer this question, we have to talk about the trusted data that show about it. Then, the trusted data can be found on some trusted sites too. Generally, the trusted data can be showed on the kind of statistic sites. But, you have to be careful too in finding it. It is because there are many scam sites that show the wrong data.

The data that we can find on some trusted sites show that Fortnite totally caters to a younger population. It means that Fortnite has targeted the younger teenager to distribute a lot  in Fortnite. Although, there is no the exact number on how many children play Fortnite, but the data show that so far the Fortnite pulled of over 78.3 million players in August 2018 alone.

From its number, certainly we can draw the conclusion that there is an average age which contributes greatly to Fortnite. if we are looking for the data from any sources, one of them is gaming forum, lots of gamer said that the average age of Fortnite players between 8 and 12 years old. But, in this case, we cannot be reckless because you do not want to get the data as just approximate information, do you?

To help you getting the real data, in this case, we can use the data that come from one trusted site, that’s statista.com. In this site, you are able to see many data for any subjects, one of them is game.

Surprisingly, what were said by many Fortnite on gaming forum is totally true. The real data that you can see on this site show that the average age of Fortnite player is between 18 – 24 years old that reach for about 62.7 %. This number definitely can assume that the younger teenager is the biggest contribution to Fortnite.

In this case, we can said that Fortnite is really successful to attract the target with just a finger count. So, that’s why Fortnite becomes the most of hottest video game played a lot. It is because the Fortnite has targeted the younger teenager to give biggest contribution.

Well, by reading our article on this page from above, you already know the real data for the average Fortnite player age asked by many people, especially by worrying parents.

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