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The Baller is known as an amazing vehicle which got a lot of attention when it was released in the game called Fortnite. Aside from being a fast vehicle, it also comes with an entire new level of mobility compared to the other vehicles. In The Baller, each player is able to drive, boost, and sling across the map by using the infinite grappler. As it is so fun to drive, creative maps created especially for The Baller has been made. This page features the list of some awesome The Baller map codes for the creative mode in Fortnite.

  1. Super Baller Course

Super Baller Course features a lot of obstacles you have to overcome by utilizing your baller skills. Do you have the thing to beat this course? Please find out by trying out HellRaiserGaming’s map.

Map Code: 6026-1594-3331

  1. Baller Deathrun

A lot of players of Fortnite love a good deathrun with maps like Cizzorz deathrun taking the entire community by storm. with the introduction of The Baller in the game, a few creators of creative map started combing the popular deathrun genre with the new vehicle. Apparently, this Baller Deathrun map is made by a user of Fortnite called TBAsxooop.

Map Code: 5950-7150-3094

  1. Baller Pinball

Baller Pinball is another fun baller creative map. You are the ball, instead of controlling the flippers in order to make the ball move. This one is supposed to be played with the other players. A built-in point system has been inserted to the map. The player who wins the game is the the first one who reach 100 points. This Baller Pinball was made by a Fortnite user known as Hooshen.

Map Code: 4839-3829-8414

  1. The Baller Researcher Lab

The Baller Research Lab is filled with different courses, minigames, and obstacles. This one features a lot of different genres in a single map, all built around the Baller vehicle. Here you will be able to find music creation, basketball, baller race, king of the hill, deathrun, and many more. MallouMArio64 has made this map.

Map Code: 9799-4474-1331

  1. Snipers vs. Ballers

Snipers vs. Baller is another great map. This one is made by Originally James. It is as the name suggests, a map where there are two teams, snipers and ballers. The Baller need to survive for 15 minutes without being taken out by the snipers to win.

Map Code: 5224-8588-9480

  1. Baller Sling Shot

You are able to swing your way through the obstacle course designed for the baller vehicle. There are palm trees and the other structures floating in the air and are blocking your way on the ground. It was made by TheBiffleWiffle.

Map Code: 9686-5912-1405

Baller Deathrun by TSM_Chuito is another amazing deathrun course for the baller. This one has swings, lasers, and many more. This one can test your baller skills. It was made by the creator of the game and the Fortnite player called TSM_Chuito.

Map Code: 3039-3045-6184

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