Barack Obama Fortnite Academy

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You may wonder about Barack Obama Fortnite Academy. What is it and how does it work? When you hear Barack Obama Fortnite Academy, you probably think that it is just a joke. Evidently, Barack Obama Fortnite Academy is really real. Then, where can you find Barack Obama Fortnite Academy?

Barack Obama Fortnite Academy

For the first time, we found Barack Obama Fortnite Academy through the Google map. However, we are looking for Barack Obama Fortnite Academy to clear our curiosity until finally we decide to find out about Barack Obama Fortnite Academy.

In our search, we definitely found through the Google map that Barack Obama Fortnite Academy shows that it is such a course to learn how to be a pro Fortnite player from a noob. But, we see many comments which alludes to Barack Obama who is associated with Fortnite.

Of course, someone who created the location of Barack Obama Fortnite Academy on Google map is anonymous. The creator just named the location with Barack Obama Fortnite Academy. The exact location of Barack Obama Fortnite Academy at 77 Kilnacourt Woods, Bracklone, Portarlington, Co. Laois, R32 TW97, Irlandia. Moreover, we also found another location of Barack Obama Fortnite Academy at Los Angeles.

Well, from our search, we can conclude that Barack Obama Fortnite Academy is a community of Fortnite gamers and the other people who want to quip the former president of America, Barack Obama. Inside the Barack Obama Fortnite Academy, there are a lot of memes and pictures related to Barack Obama.

Besides, there are many Videos from YouTube who showed Barack Obama as the dubbers of a video which showed the gameplay of Fortnite. Then, you may also find many video memes which showed that Barack oBama is the pro Fortnite player.

Certainly, there are many funny comments that said Barack Obama played Fortnite all the time, of course he never got any work done as a President of the United States. From this comment, we totally find that many Fortnite gamers are flicking the former of United States President.

To prove what we said related to Barack Obama memes on some YouTube videos, we have some videos from YouTube, they are:

  • First Video entitled BARACK OBAMA PLAYS FORTNITE!!

This video  comes from videogames  channel, you definitely can watch  it at From a video, we can see Barack Obama face on the screen which look like playing a Fortnite and dub the voice of the video.

This video was published on July 4, 2018 and viewed by more than 10K viewers. It also has 292 likes and 42 dislikes. The channel named videogames has more than 3.28 million subscribers.

Of course, there are a lot of negative comments that banter Barack Obama. One of the negative comments said that’s why Obama never work well as President because all of his time used to play Fortnite. Certainly, there are still many negative comments related to Obama. But, in this chance, we just take one sample.

  • Second Video entitled Obama Plays Fortnite!

The second video comes from the Azerrz channel that you can watch at This video was published on November 17, 2018 and viewed by more than 2 million times. It also has 77K likes and 1.6k dislikes. The Azerrz channel definitely has 6.27 million subscribers.

This video showed a gameplay of Fortnite with the voice of Barack Obama. Well, this video has more than 3.3 comments including negative comments, netral comments and positive comments. But, most of the comments of this video are negative related to Barack Obama.

Other Barack Obama Fortnite Academy Memes

The other Barack Obama Fortnite Academy’s memes can be found on one of the hottest social platforms, that’s TikTok. An account @baileyburdett1 showed the Barack Obama Fortnite Academy from Google map. Then, he mentioned the statement “so long suckers, I’m out”. However, this meme video showed to banter the former of United States President, Barack Obama.

If you want to know the meme from TikTok, you can search @baileyburdett1 or you can visit this page at

Fortnite Barack Obama Fortnite Academy on Facebook

If you are wondering about Barack Obama Fortnite Academy, evidently you can also find it on Facebook that you can access at here.

Evidently, there is a Facebook fans page of Barack Obama Fortnite Academy that allows people to join with the class. It is because the Enrollment is available now. If you want to join with this class, you definitely have to sign in using your Google Accounts. Once you click Sign in with your Google Account, you will be automatically directed into Google Classroom. Then, you can click continue. Then, click the Join to Class button.

After you are at Barack Obama Fortnite Academy Google Classroom, you absolutely will find some navigations including Forum, Class Taks and Members. If you click the Forum menu, it will result in some threads to discuss anything related to Fortnite. Of course, there are some threads that you can read.

Then, if you click Class’s Tasks, you definitely can see your tasks. From this menu, you can also find Google Calendar, Class Drive Folder and Meeting Room. So, you can explore it when you already join this class.

The member menu will show you the list of teachers and your classmates. Certainly, you will see who your teachers are and your classmates. On the left of this page, you can also find some menus including Class, Calendar, the list of tasks, archived class and settings. Then, you can also find your class, that’s Barack Obama Fortnite Academy.

However, it makes many people confused about Barack Obama Fortnite Academy whether it is real that there is Barack Obama Fortnite Academy or not.

In this case, we also can share about Barack Obama Fortnite Academy depending on some point of views. From YouTube and TikTok, we find that Barack Obama Fortnite Academy is just a joke to banter the former of the United States President.

But, we find Facebook seemingly that Barack Obama Fortnite Academy is really real and anyone can join an online classroom through Google Classroom.

Well, if you are still curious to find the truth of Barack Obama Fortnite Academy, of course, you can keep looking for it.

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