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Are you looking for the extreme skin that can be used by your favorite character? Certainly, having an extreme and anti-mainstream Fortnite skin can be a pride for the owner. As you can see on Fortnite skin lists, there are tons of skins that you can choose. But, just some of them presents with extreme but catchy visual.

To help you in determining the skin for your character, in this chance, we are going to share one of the extreme visually skin which is probably good for your character. Surely, the skin is much sought after by many Fortnite skin involved as the rare skin as well. So, what is the skin?

The extreme visually skin on Fortnite that you can choose is Bash Fortnite skin. This is an Epic outfit item which is available in Battle Royale. This skin is involved as the part of The Lefttovers set. He comes with male visual which is very attractive to use for your character.

He is the Loot Llama skin which has three selectable styles, they are default, glow and glow jacket. Out of his eyes, he has X’ed and wears stocky clothing designed with similar to Brite Bomber and Brite Gunner as the rare Fortnite skins.

Bash skin comes with a male outfit which is visualed by a man with the head of the steel unicorn. The male is wearing a steel blue helmet, his mane is purple with his two eyes glow green. The head presents with a turquoise decorated by rainbow pattern on the neck. Then, the horn emerging from the helmet is golden.

On this outfit, he is also wearing a strange blur and gray jumpsuit featured with geometrical prints on some parts of it. Which make the skin is more awesome because there is steel protection on his chest and knee pads on the knees. The shoulders are also as the additional protected part.

The jumpsuit that he used is completed by two belts in which the four little bags are attached on it. To add the skin more gorgeous, he wears the purple sport gloves on his hands. The multi-covered shield with a unicorn image definitely is set on its back with great protection. He comes with high black boots that seems very comfortable to use. So, the whole look of this skin is really gorgeous especially with his unicorn head.

How to get this skin?

Of course, to get this skin, you have to spend for about 1,500 v-bucks that you can purchase in the Item Shop. The skin is released on December 15, 2019. This outfit definitely came as a cameo in the Community Choice ballot in Season X. This extreme skin was introduced in Chapter 2, Season 1.

This skin is involved by Llamacorn Shiled as the Fortnite Back Bling. Certainly, the attachments of this skin will be obtained that come with the cosmetic.

So, if you are so interested to have this extreme visually skin, now, you have to prepare our v-bucks to buy this skin when it appears in Item Shop.

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