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The exciting collaboration has started in November 2019 between Battle Breakers and Fortnite Save the World. Playing the new hero collector RPG will get the award named Razor, a new Ninja character, in the first crossover of Fortnite Save the World for the game.

In order to unlock the content between Fortnite Save the World and Battle Breakers, all the players have a few tasks to complete. First, the players of Fortnite Save the World have to complete the quest Shoot for the High School and Climbing the Leaderboard that will unlocked Jess and Kyle in Battle Breakers. Aside from that, all founder members will also get Ramirez in Battle Breakers. Likewise, Razor is able to be unlocked in Fortnite Save the World by leveling a Battle Breakers account to level 20.

While the fans of Fortnite Save the World should enjoy the crossover promotion, the whole event is the new ground for its users. All the players have wondered for many years if the game might get its first crossover, as Fortnite has had so many and it is not hard to see why.

The outside organizations see the powerhouse that is Fortnite as the battle royale and well-known culture point of reference and want to leverage the immense player base and the brand recognition of it. this one is the main reason of why Fortnite gets the big promotions fetauring skins and events from Star Wars, Batman, and Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Crossing over into Fortnite Save the World is comparatively far less attractive because the player base is smaller, but this one is to be expected since the game has to be individually purchased, whereas Fortnite is the name of the free game to play for everyone. Since the developer of Fortnite called Epic Games is counted as a developer for Battle Breakers alongside Chair Entertainment Group, the crossover advantages the same organization.

Fortnite Save the World may also be going free to play in the future. At least, someone would expect this to be that case since Epic Games announced that the game would be trasitioning a while back, but has repeatedly pushed back this change.

A few changes have already been made in order to indicate that the change is on the horizon, as indicated in patch 9.40, where the notes state that quests, daily login rewards, and missions alerts will now grant X-Ray Tickets instead of V-Bucks to players who are non founders. As for the paid founders, they all will not be affected by this change.

The free V-Bucks awarded to all the players for playing in Fortnite Save the World are the same premium currency as used in Fortnite, and is one feature that a lot of people speculated would need to change if the game ever went free to play. Since the new map has been introduced, there is still little doubt that Fortnite Save the World will eventually go free to play. Epic might simply be waiting for the best time to do so.

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