Best Camping Spots in Fortnite

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Playing games on Fortnite is not only for fun and releasing your stress. It needs strategy and some information so that you will be able to win or at least you are able to play well. Some information that you need to know when you play Fortnite game are the advantages and disadvantages of weapon, the best places to land, how to aim well, the best camping spots and many others.

Here, we are going to explain about the best camping spots in Fortnite. This information is important to know because if you do camping in a wrong place, it is not impossible that you will lose your game. If you try to search it on Youtube, you are able to find some videos about it and some of them are Best Camping Spots in Fortnite: Season 8 which was uploaded by degrayd on March 9th, 2019; The Best Camping Spot on Fortnite (Guaranteed Win) which was uploaded by JHG on February 25th, 2018; Top 5 Best Camping Spots in Fortnite Battle Royale which was uploaded by PotatoLand on January 10th, 2018 and many others,

Based on the video of PotatoLand, the best camping spots in Fortnite Battle Royale are as listed below.

  • Retail Row

This is a location which can be found on the east-midlands of the Battle Royale Map. This is a big plaza and there are a lot of shops, restaurants, and other buildings here. This place is often used by players as a landing area since this place is high levels of loot and also close to the center of the map. In this area, there are a number of shops and buildings so that it has a possibility to chest spawn in them. This place is small and narrow so it is good to use close range weapons like shotguns.

  • Loot Lake

This place is a location which is close to the middle of the Battle Royale Map. It is a big body of water with some industrial buildings on the western shore. In this area, the loot spawn is poor so that it is not popular place to drop.

  • Fatal Fields

In the Battle Royale Map, this place is a farm which is located at the southern part of the map and has an opportunity to very chaotic. This place is a moderately famous location and it is also a location which has only been slightly changed since its arrival in Season 1. For your information, you are able to break open the silos in this place to likely find a chest or a weapon and some ammo. Also, you are able to find a chest on a truck hanging off the edge of the map just above Fatal Fields.

From all three places above, which place do you want to use as camping spot? You are able to try it now and tell your experience when you are there to other Fortnite players on forum. If you have the other places as a good place to camp, you can share it as well.

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