Best Combos for PJ PEPPERONI Skin

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PJ Pepperoni is the name of a Rare Fortnite skin from the Pizza Pit set. This one was released on September 22nd, 2019 and is currently available in the shop right now. How to get the PJ Pepperoni skin? PJ Pepperoni skin is able to be purchased from the Item Shop for 1,200 V-Bucks when listed. As you probably know, cosmetics rotate in and out of the shop every day, so no one knows when it will return.

As stated before, PJ Pepperoni skin is from the Pizza Pit set. This set features a total of 13 cosmetics that is broken up into 3 skins (Tomatohead, PJ Pepperoni, and Nightshade), 1 glider (Extra Cheese), 3 harvesting tools (Pair peronni, Night Slicer, and Axeroni), 1 emote (Pizza Party), 3 back blings) Special Delivery, Night Cloak, and Cheesy), and 2 loading screens (Tomatohead and Neon Tomato).

Cheesy back bling is known as a Rare back bling that is bundled with the PJ Pepperoni skin. If you love PJ Pepperoni skin and want to know the best combos for PJ Pepperoni skin aside from Cheesy back bling that comes with it, here are some best combos that you can try.

Combo 1:

  • PJ Pepperoni skin
  • Mertank back bling
  • Patty Whacker harvesting tool
  • Point it Out emote
  • Payload glider
  • Spectral Essence contrail
  • Tiger Stripes wrap

Combo 2:

  • PJ Pepperoni skin
  • Moose back bling
  • Flimsie Flail harvesting tool
  • Point It Out emote
  • Beach Umbrella glider
  • Clovers contrail
  • Festive Paper wrap

Combo 3:

  • PJ Pepperoni skin
  • Puncture Pack back bling
  • Clobber Axe harvesting tool
  • Point It Out emote
  • Poofy Parasail glider
  • Snowflakes contrail
  • Sunprint wrap

Here is the explanation of the cosmetics included in Combo 1.

  • Mertank refers to the name of one of the Legendary back bling for the game Fortnite Battle Royale. This one features an air tank suitable for underwater diving. It has two tanks, one red and one green. The green one features the visible yellow smudges and oozes coming out. Even though it looks helpful when traveling underwater, it does not provide any added feature and is meant only for cosmetic use.
  • The Patty Whacker is known as one of the Uncommon harvesting tools. This one turns the default harvesting tool of the player into a giant patty-flipping spatula. Aside from that, the spatula also has some observable grease and oil marks on it.
  • Payload is the name of an Uncommon glider in the Fortnite Battle Royale that is able to be purchased from the Item Shop for 500 v-Bucks.
  • Tiger Stripes wrap is the Rare one that could be obtained as a reward from Tier 77 of the Season 8 Battle Pass.
  • Spectral Essence can be described as the Rare skydiving contrail aesthetic item. This one leaves a trail of spectral aura during skydiving mode. The aura of it emitted from the hands and the feet of the player during the fall and vanishes when the player lands. In addition, this contrail also features some cool particle effects when in use.

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