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This guide runs through the best options in Creative Mode for getting ready to play the game. These courses are good for practicing and getting prepared to go into battle. There is a code for each of the courses.

Here is the list of the best edit courses that were created in Creative mode. Some of the options are focus more heavily on different things.

The first one is Cook’s Warm Up Edit Course. This one is the strong edit practice course for repetitive editing and warming up prior to jumping into games. There is about a million different walls se up and ready to be edited over and over in order to get your muscle memory worked out. The code of this course is 6055-7683-6855.

The second one is EGO Hapec’s Edit Course. This one is a pretty straight-forward course with a lot of different edits to go through. You are able to time yourself if you want to track the progress and see how you have improve. The code of this course is 7613-7227-9374.

The third one is The Impossible Aim or Edit Curse: Cnnr – Heavy Editing & Aim. This one went kind of viral on Twitter. It is such a great course for warming up, there is a lot of different movements and unique ways to edit and work on your wish. It might be a tough one but please do not be discouraged if you struggle through it a bit. The code of the course is 9467-6424-9271.

The fourth one is Warm Up Course (Advanced): Candook – Heavy Editing & Building. For those who are looking for lots of editing and general building warm up than this one is good for you. There are tons of great edits that you are able to practice throughout the course, and you are able to work on your 90s and various movements to get the high ground as quickly as possible. The part of the warm up that is a bit lacking is any aim practice. There is also a short bit of assault rifle bits to pop boxes, and a small part where you do jumping shotgun shots but nothing else. So, if you love to warm up your aim, you can try different one. The code of it is 5618-2963-5299.

The fifth one is Warm Up #3: Noizeeh – Heavy Editing & Shotgun Aim Focused. This course is pretty enjoyable. It is mainly focused on editing, building, and shotgun aim. It is a great way to warm up your edits and practice those snap shoutgun shots on people behind structures. This one is not too long and is just about the right length before overstaying its welcome. You can try to give it a try if you want to work on your edits and shotguns snaps. The code of the course is 1653-9159-9735.

The sixth one is Ultimate Warm Up Course: Sandwichow _ Well Rounded Editing & Aim. It is solid and good all around course if you want a good general warm up. The code of this code is 3814-3020-7591.

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