Best Fortnite Escape Room Codes

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Playing Escape Room on Fortnite will be challenging and you may want to play it now with your friends on Fortnite. There are a lot of Escape Room codes and here we will show you some of the best Escape Room codes of Fortnite.

If you are looking for Escape room codes that you can use for playing on Fortnite Creative, there are some best Fortnite Escape Room codes that you can use as follows.

  • Skycrapers Escape which was created by Henwy. You are able to play with your friends here and you will be able to find parkour, puzzles and more. Here, you have to find 15 hidden coins as well and escape. The island code is 5350-4663-4208.

  • Escape Maze which was created by Whimsical_Pixels. In this island, you are able to explore and find secrets. But sure, you need to watch out. Solving puzzles, getting lost, having fun, using items wisely, finding the rift, and then escaping will be gone through by you. The island code is 4271-2914-0800.
  • Dungeon Prison which was created by Wertandrew. In this map, you were imprisoned for crimes that you did not commit. You had enough if they cannot show justice. Here, you will have to avoid the guards, find devious traps, and more. The island code is 0357-9802-8408.
  • Escape Maze 2 which was created by Pickles. In this island, you will be trapped by a storm. Also, it is dangerously low on toilet paper. So, you have to find the rift to escape. It is bigger and better and there are more puzzles and more challenges as well. There are also more death, new collectibles and there are 4 ways to play. There is also no shortcuts.The island code is 8553-4591-9337.
  • Dungeon Prison 2 which was created by Wertandrew. In this map, the revenge is back. You have to beat the guards. It is 3 hours of gameplay. It is important for you to know that Create Hub is end of the map and to reach it is the goal. The island code is 2575-5726-2170.
  • Fractured Mind which was created by TheEpicTiger. In this map, you will enter a fractured mind of a mad man where nothing is normal. Are you curious with this map? Go use the code. The island code is 6089-0610-7526.
  • Puzzle Escape which was created by Lundle. In this map, you will find 5 complex levels. However, it is multiplayer friendly. The island code is 1039-4421-2809.
  • Escape The Dream 2 which was created by Qjag. This map is from the creator of Escape The Dream. In this map, you have to escape the fate. The island code is 4554-3196-9055.
  • Maze Runner which was created by Poseidon. The island code is 5709-3097-8273.

You are able to try to play those map one by one and you can feel different experience from each map. Do you know how to use the code? Here, we have the steps to use the code.

  • Starting Creative server is the first thing that you have to do.
  • If you have started the Creative server, you have to find the featured Island Rift in the Creative Hub.
  •  At the end, you need to open Set Island Code and then enter one of  the map codes above.

Well, have fun with the maps and enjoy the game!

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