Best Fortnite Keybinds Without Mouse Keys

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In this page, we will help you to figure out the best Fortnite keybinds without mouse keys, because you will not be able to use the settings of the professional Fortnite player like myth. A lot of people think that building in Fortnite is so hard for beginners especially when using the default building keybinds that are ZXC, that is why you will be given the best button keybinds for building.

Not everyone is able to afford gaming mouses with side buttons, especially to kids because they are financially dependent, but that surely will not stop them to play the best battle royale game with a normal mouse and still manage to get that victory royale.

So, building without those side buttons in any gaming mouse is quite hard for beginners. The main reason behind it is because you need to use 4 or more buttons at once using only your left hand, but that is not a problem with here because you will be informed the proper way to keybind in Fortnite.

In order to be able to build while moving, your middle finger should always be hitting the W key. Then, the ring finger will be fixed on the Q button so that is a good reason to use Stairs as Q. The index finger is able to reach F, C, and V, and that is why you can use F as Wall, C as Floor, and V as a Roof. All the settings are very good because you are able to hold W while clicking those buttons, giving you great mobility and speed without the need of a gaming mouse side buttons.

When it comes to editing, it is not a problem at all because using the button G is really fine, but it would be so much work for your index finger because it has already E, D, C, V, and T for the Trap. That is why the “pinky finger” is the solution. This finger is used only to crouch so you can find a good key close to L-CTRL to use as your Edit key, which is L-Shift. You do not need to use it to sprint anymore because there is an option named sprint by default and it does all the sprinting for you that leaves the Shift button, that is located close to WQSD, free to use.

What should you do to reset Edit in Fortnite without mouse keys? There is a very useful trick in Fortnite for beginners. This one is an instant reset edit using scroll wheel. Instead of pressing G then right mouse button then G again to reset the build, you are able to just scroll the wheel up or down as you like and it will reset your building instantly and to set this trick up to your normal house, you can watch a video that consists of a tutorial on how to do it. The video uploaded by imBarty is available to watch on Youtube.

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