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You may know that now in Fortnite there is Fortnite Creative. In this feature, you are able to make your own island and then if you want other players visit your island, they need the code. A lot of players make their own islands and among them you may be curious the best Hide and Seek Maps.

If we talk about best, it may be different from each person since every person has their own preference. However, KaidGames on his Youtube video entitled Top 10 Best Hide and Seek Creative Maps in Fortnite | Fortnite Hide and Seek Map Codes uploaded on January 26th, 2019 shares the 10 best Hide and Seek Creative Maps. Are you curious? Here they are.

  • 0215-4477-2283
  • 6133-1993-8874
  • 9653-5199-9021
  • 9277-1432-7797
  • 1127-9775-9819
  • 1228-3826-1798
  • 7121-1399-6437
  • 3559-7849-3758
  • 6585-8238-0391
  • 1257-8257-4999

If you watch in the video, you are able to see that in the map, there are a lot of snowmen with Christmas hats and also red shawls. In the second map, you are able to see the area which is full of snows and some of them are frozen and it reminds us to Frozen movie. In the third map, it is very unique since it looks like a hot air balloon. In the fourth map, the building looks like snowy and the building is very great which is the color is dark grey and brown.

How about the fifth map? In this map, it is snowy as well and there are ices in several parts. In the building, there is a woodbind which vines around the building and it makes the building look like an old building. In the sixth map, it is also snowy but it is not as much as in the previous ones. The trees and the plants are green and it makes it looks so fresh. In the seventh map, it is snowy and when you see inside the building, it looks like comfortable and warm since there are beds. The view of this map is very beautiful. In the eighth map, the building is very big and great. The sky is also blue and purple like Aurora Borealis. In the ninth map, the map is also snowy with some Christmas trees there. However, it is cool with the brown building there. In the 10th map, the building looks like a factory and it is black which gives the manly impression.

Icifyed in his Youtube video entitled Top 5 Best Hide and Seek Fortnite Maps! *Creative Codes!* uploaded on February 5th, 2019 shares his opinion about 5 best Hide and Seek Fortnite Maps. According to his video, the 5 Best Hide and Seek Fortnite Maps are as listed below.

  • 7397-4496-8950 (Mega Mansion)
  • 1228-3826-1798 (Wonderland)
  • 5773-8954-8305 (Winter Wonderland)
  • 9673-5237-5040 (Ticking Temple)
  • 1268-2150-4490 (Mistspell Mansions)

Well, you are able to see how beautiful and great the maps above by visiting them. To be able to visit those maps, you have to enter the code. Make sure that you enter the right code so that you will visit the right map.

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