Best Hiding Spots in Fortnite

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Choosing the best hiding spots in Fortnite is one of strategies that you need to know when you play Fortnite. Without having a good strategy, winning this game is impossible. When you hide, you surely want to guarantee that the spot is unnoticed by other players. So, where are the best hiding spots?

Here, there are some places that you are able to use to hide and these spots can be said as the best hiding spots in the Fortnite game.

  • Under the Bridges

If you want to be close to the action and the center of the map but also you need some quiet hiding spots for when things get a little too hectic, this place can be a perfect one. There are a number of bridges that run over the river. If you go under the bridges, you are able to build a shelter right up against the cliff and the foundations of the bridge, and it will hide you from enemies which are passing by. However, since this place is close to the action, so the chance to be spotted by the running players are high. So, make sure that you are well equipped with a shotgun.

  • Bushes

If you want to use bushes as your place to hide, you have to make sure that you are positioned correctly inside them to guarantee that the head of your character is not blatantly popping out. Also, if you use bushes to hide, it will permit you to catch the enemy player off guard. However, hiding in the bush can make for some some pretty intense moments if enemies sniffing around you. So, make sure that you have shotgun which is ready to use.

  • The Material Animals

In this place, there are some animal statues and each statue is made of one of the three different materials which are scattered across the map. In Season 4, these were used for a challenge, but actually you are able to use them as hiding spots now. If you are within the safe wooden confines of the llama or the solid brick of the fox, you will discover some items and ammo to keep you protected in your hiding spots.

  •  The Ends of the River

You are able to go for hiding spots in Fortnite by heading right to the very north or south of the river running the length of the map. If you want to go there, before you go diving out the Battle Bus straight to one of these spots and make sure that you land nearby and get a lot of materials first. In the very east and west coast of the map, there are large drops to small section of land and they are good places for hiding. If you want to access this place, make sure that you are well stocked with materials since it can be quite the journey back up top.

Have you ever hidden in these places? If not and even you have never thought of these places, you are able to try to hide in these places.

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