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As we know that Prop Hunt features were introduced to Creative mode. When you are at this page, you may looking for the best Prop Hunt Maps Fortnite codes. Apparently, you are lucky have came to this page because here we are going to share some best Prop Hunt maps Fortnite codes. Just look at the text below.

reed614 Prop Hunt (4586-3450-7707). It is design features wide-open spaces, lots of options for cover and carefully placed props. This is not necessarily a situation where you will have many objects to transform into that makes the gameplay feel uniquely strategic on both sides.

Fortniteart Swimming Pool (3487-1374-0131). Talking of Prop Hunt map designs with pizazz, this Swimming Pool setup is one of the most fully realized Island. Not only is there a massive pool area littered with props and space for interaction, but there are also the basketball courts, locker rooms, and a full-fledged park around it. This is a large map with limitless props. As long as you do not move to a section of the map that feels out of place, the enemies can stay hidden fairly well.

FORTNITE PROP HUNT OFFICE (8378-7952-8626): Apparently, Prop Hunt dominated the shooter scenes of competitive games like Counter-Strike before creating its debut in Fortnite. Therefore, this map is a full recreation of Counter-Strike’s iconic Office map. The layout is suited for medium-sized lobbies. Besides, there are many cool objects to turn into. From desk chairs to trash cans, it is easy to fool opponents in a setting like this.

Stray Kite Farms (6069-9263-9110): This map is Epic’s first Prop Hunt showcase Island. It is intelligently built for all types of players and lobby sizes. The lush green fields make it hard to spot enemies to begin with. Then, for the interior, there is one shed with a truly nasty collection of jars. We hope you are able to find your target amongst that mess. If you are are trying Prop Hunt for the first time, we think that it is a good map to start.

Prop Parkour (4401-2880-7713): If you are bored of standard Prop Hunt gameplay, so this map offers a unique alternative to the base mechanics. The players select an object to turn into and then maintain that form as they make their way through a fairly simple Deathrun course. You have to know that the gauntlet will be finished easily by a traditional character. We will probably see more complex takes on this idea in the weeks to come, but Prop Parkour is a solid baseline to demonstrate the possibilities.

Beach Bash Prop Hunt (2579-7753-1625): If you are getting into the summer spirit, Beach Bash Prop Hunt is extremely fun. According to the research, in terms of aesthetic, this map is another extremely detailed play space which feels alive. Especially if you are playing on a top-tier PC, the environment looks great too. There are dozens of objects littering the beach that makes all that open turf feel genuinely terrifying.

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