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You may ever think that keyboard and mouse offer unrivaled sensitivity and accuracy to shooting games. Yeah, it is right, but you need also the best sensitivity. When you are at this page, we are sure that you are looking for the information about the best sensitivity for Fortnite Xbox. Is it alright? If you are looking for that information, so you do not go anywhere because here we are going to discuss about that.

The problem is looking for the best sensitivity to play Fortnite on Xbox One is not as simple as only giving you a number, so in the following text, we are going to explain it. Based on our experience with Fortnite on Xbox One, we had to adjust the controller sensitivity to different numbers depending on the size of the display which we were playing on. In order to move your reticle swiftly around a larger screen, apparently you are going to have your sensitivity higher than you would on a normal screen.

You have to note that ultimately the best sensitivity you are able to play Fortnite on Xbox One is completely down to what works best for you. While a higher sensitivity is going to enable you to keep up and track your enemy movements easier, but if you are not used to it, your accuracy could go down the toilet. Therefore, this is only about finding a sensitivity that you are still accurate with, but also enables you to do aim and track at the fastest possible speed you are able to keep up with. To give you an idea of the best sensitivity that is worked for you when playing Fortnite on Xbox One, here we have listed them all down below. For your information, this is also while playing on a 32″ monitor, so keep in mind that these may not work for you if you are playing on a significantly larger display.

  • Controller Sensitivity X: 0.6
  • Controller Sensitivity Y: 0.6
  • Controller Targeting Sensitivity: 0.68
  • Controller Scope Sensitivity: 0.68

Finally, you know what you need to get the best sensitivity to play Fortnite on Xbox One for you. Now, you are able to try playing around with these settings. Then, see what feels right for you after a few games. However, it is going to take a while to get used to.


The sensitivity of your crosshairs in Fortnite will depend upon personal preference. But, a lower sensitivity and big mouse pad is an advantage for PC users. If you are using an Xbox controller, so it is not easy. Usually, the higher sensitivity will let you to make quicker movements once aiming, both from the hip and down the sights. But, this probably take some time to get used to.

  • Aiming down the sights. higher than the standard amount, so try to get it two-thirds of the way towards the max.
  • Scoped Sensitivity. In fact, this Scoped sensitivity is okay to be kept lower. While aiming down a scope, you have to make careful precise movements without you having to worry about overshooting your target because of too high sensitivity.

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