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Having any awesome skins for free is definitely everyone’s desire on Fortnite. However, skin can be an important thing on Fortnite in which its presence should be forever. For that reason, many Fortnite players will be looking for the instant way in getting the free Fortnite skin using any generators.

By accessing the skin generator, of course, many of Fortnite players hopefully get their dreamed of Fortnite skin for free. By having the skin for free, automatically they will save their budget to buy any items on Fortnite. So, it can be a reason when you look Fortnite player trying to get  Fortnite skin for free even though using a skin generator or hack.

Then, is the skin generator workable in giving Fortnite skin for free?

Certainly, the answer of the question has become a dilemma among Fortnite players. Why? It is because there is no real fact that proves a player who is successful in using the skin generator to get the Fortnite skin. So, in this case, we are not brave to confirm that skin generator is workable in getting the Fortnite skin for free.

Then, to prove whether the skin generator is working or not, of course we have to try it first. One of the Fortnite skin generators that you can choose is This is a one of the generator site that promises to give you Fortnite skin for free. So, let’s to prove it!

When you open your browser, you can type “Fortnite skin generator”, automatically, tons of sites will appear as the result. But, we will not focus on those sites. In this chance, we will keep continuing to access the generator site at

You can directly type the site on your address, just wait for few minutes, the site will be open soon.

On the homepage, you can see all of Fortnite skins type appear.

In this step, you are able to choose your favorite skin. At least, there are many skins available on the front page even almost all Fortnite skin. You can see Travis, Deadpool, Astro Jack, and 8 Ball skin in the first raw. Then, you can see other skins such as Scratch, Remedy, Toxin and Rippley in the second bar. Definitely, if you scroll the page down, you can see all of Fortnite skin.

After seeing the all skin, make sure that you choose one your favorite skin that you really desire to get it for free.

By choosing a skin, you can be directed to the next page that allows you to fill your Fortnite username. Definitely, it is not a hard way to fill your username. Make sure that you choose your platform when launching the Fortnite.

By click the generate, you will see the processing of getting the skin showed by percent. You will find the notif that says “Your skin is almost ready, you just need to complete a quick sponsor activity – this helps pay for your skins and only takes a few minutes”.

Follow the ways at all by click Start Now Button.

Yeah… surprisingly, on the next page, you have to complete some surveys, then you will be jumped into surveys page. From this, the step is off, not any requirement asked anymore.

So, we can conclude that the is a scamming site and just make you a fool. Leave it, better!

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