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Finding Bifrost marks in Fortnite is one of awesome challenges that you need to complete in Fortnite Season 4. To complete this challenge, you should be as Thor. It is seemingly not enough to wield Mjolnir, a player should stand on the Bifrost Marks as a sign of completing the Fortnite season 4 challenge.

In fact, Fortnite Season 4 becomes trending with full of Marvel-themed characters within. The latest addition of Marvel-themed characters to Fortnite is Thor and Galactus. Well, the player will be invited to visit mythic attractions like Bifrost Marks.

This is one of the new challenges in which you attempt to visit all the Bifrost marks as Thor to awaken the Norse God. However, completing this challenge is a bit harder if you do not know the exact locations of Bifrost marks. But, you do not have to worry because we are here to guide you how to complete this new challenge in finding the Bifrost Marks.

What is the Bifrost mark?

Of course, before you continue to complete the challenge, it is better for you to know the definition of Bifrost first. We guess that not all players really understand this term. So, knowing about Bifrost in basic is totally a must for you.

Bifrost is well-known as the bridge that connects Asgard (Heaven) with Midgard (Earth). Moreover, Thor always uses Bifrost to travel from Asgard to Midgard. Then, the marks of Bifrost will be left behind by Bifrost in the ground where it connects with Earth.

That’s why you should play as Thor to complete this challenge.

Where are the Bifrost marks in Fortnite/

Of course, to know all locations of any objects in Fortnite, you will use the Fortnite map to find them. So as with finding the Bifrost marks, you also can use the Fortnite map. However, the map will give you some indication of where the Bifrost marks are located. But, it only provides a general area rather than an exact location.

Of course, you still have to explore the Fortnite location to find the Bifrost marks. To make it easier, the Bifrost marks look like a series of little circles on the map near the new Sentinel graveyard and close to Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir.

You may already recognize that the location of Thor’s hammer is around Weeping Woods. So, the main thing that you need to do is to focus on exploring the Weeping woods. Then, approach the location to find the Bifrost marks to complete the challenge.

The Bifrost marks will appear as large sigils burnt into the ground. You probably can find them together atop of a hill. The hill here can be found east of Weeping Woods in a new area called Sentinel.

Above Weeping Woods, you can just skydive toward the hidden location that is specifically at the map’s Column E, just between Rows 5 and 6. Then, there will be more than enough Bifrost Marks that you can find.

How to complete the Bifrost Marks challenge?

Certainly, there is not a certain complex way to complete this challenge. You just put on the Thor skin, take Mjolnir and run over the marks. For a few minutes, you can get any notifications that inform you the challenge is totally done.

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