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In Fortnite Creative, you may want to visit Big House by using the code. However, you do not know which code of a big house. In a big house, you may be able to explore and get some inspiration of what they have in the house. So, is there any Big House Hide and Seek Fortnite code? Yes, there is and we will give the code for you.

In the Youtube video of BluDrive – Fortnite Creative entitled GIANT HOUSE Hide & Seek / FFA Map – Fortnite Creative which was uploaded on May 2nd, 2019, you are able to see a big house. In this giant house, you are able to collect 25 coins in order to win. This map is created by Team Evolve including BluDrive, MakaMakes, Nellaf, StormHawk, and Tollmolia.

The code of the map island is here:

  • 4149-8734-4612

In the video which we mentioned above, you are able to see how is the condition of the house. In the video, he shows that in the kitchen, there is a pizza and some stuff there with three lamps over the pizza. In the family room, there is a tv, sofa, table and globe, dinning table and dinning chairs, fireplace and some other stuff. The color of the wall in the family room is yellow and green. In the bedroom, there is a bunk bed with the sheet in white and red color and also a teddy bear on it. The color of the wall in the bedroom is yellow and orange.

How about in the bathroom? The bathroom is clean with white and blue color. The wall and some stuff are white, and the curtain is blue. In another bedroom, the wall is purple and white so these colors are painted by turns. The bed is also big but it is not a bunk bed. It looks luxurious with a big woody drawers near the bed. There is also a playing room and you are able to see a toy rail and also a toy train there. In this room, the wall is blue and white and the colors are painted by turns. If you are curious how the look of this big house, you are able to visit and explore this map by entering the code above.

Do you know how to enter the code? We give you the steps below.

  • The first, you have to start a Creative Server.
  • Second, find the featured Island Rift in the Creative Hub.
  • Third, open Set Island Code and then you are able to enter the code there.

Besides the map above, you are also able to find the other big house in other maps. Some of them are:

  • 5204-8042-8791

Based on the Island Codes site, this is a big house which is created by Jab and the game mode is Hide and Seek.

  • 7498-8247-2582

This is a giant mansion. The code is shared on the Youtube video of Slogoman entitled Fortnite Hide and Seek in A Giant Mansion! (Fortnite Creative) which was uploaded on March 16th, 2019.

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