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Thumbnail is such an important key especially for Fortnite streamers, Fortnite YouTubers and even Fortnite leakers to attract many people to finally click on their video. However, displaying a good-looking and enchanting thumbnail in a video can be a great way to increase your viewers. Well, that’s so normal if every Fortnite streamers really want to show the gorgeous thumbnail.

Unfortunately not all people really can display the good Thumbnail on his videos, some of them even get hard to have the great thumbnail for their videos. But for you as a Fortnite fan who wants to display a Thumbnail on your video, of course you won’t be confused anymore. In case you get in touch with Fortnite for a longer time, there are tons of Fortnite items that can be used as your thumbnail in your video.

The Fortnite items here can vary depending on what you’re interested in. If you’re still confused, we recommend you to choose the Fortnite skins in which it will be easier for you to edit and modify it.

In this post, we suggest you to use a Fortnite skin named Bracer. Why should this skin? In fact, this skin is an Uncommon Fortnite outfit as the part of the Modern Mercenary Set which comes with an inviting look. The Bracer skin presents a female outfit which shows a militarian figure. She also features with a black military costume with an intense vest covering her chest. She  also has purple hair with bun-hairstyle which makes her so pretty.

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Image Editor to Modify the Bracer Skin Picture

If you want to use the Bracer skin as your Fortnite thumbnail at least you have to edit and modify the image of this skin to get a more amazing look. However, the interesting and attractive thumbnails have to go through editing first. Of course,  to edit this skin, you’ll need some image editors either online and offline.

Here, we have two recommended image editors which hopefully can help you to get a more beautiful of Bracer skin look. Here they are:

1. Kapwing

The first recommended image editor is Kapwing. This is an online-based editor that you can access at By using this site, you’re allowed to create, edit, share and upload the images with a team in a single place. Kapwing is one of the image editor sites which collaborates with platforms in creating images, GIFs, videos, and many image or video formats.

Well, you can take the Bracer skin image from the internet and then store it into your PC’s library. Make sure to choose the best one. Somehow, the best image will ease you in editing steps. Once you get the best Bracer skin image, then you can go to the Kapwing site. At this site, you can click on the Start Editing button and click the upload option to drop a file. Then, click on it and choose the Bracer skin image that you’ve stored on your library. Last, you can start to edit and modify it.

2. Filmora9

The second one is named Filmore9. This online image editor works to edit your images by adding some texts, overlay,  filters, or elements to the photo. You can also add your own image or background image to it. The snapshot tool within this image editor will allow you to get the most interesting images from the video and you can use it as your video thumbnail.

If you want to use the Bracer skin as your Thumbnail, edit it first using this image editor. You can access the Filmora9 site at Then, you can drag or drop the image of Bracer skin to the available dashboard on the site and then you can start to edit the Bracer skin image.

Aside from image editors, Filmora9 also focuses on video editing. Here, you can extract frames from video, then  use it as a thumbnail and upload it on your social platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and many more. You can also use another creative way by compositing the video footage with the green screen feature.

How to Use the Bracer Image for Your Thumbnail

Once you’ve edited the Bracer skin image using one of the image editors above, it’s a great time for you to start using the Bracer image for your Thumbnail. To create a thumbnail, at least you have to follow some steps as we’ll show below!

(1) The first way that you have to do is to choose a thumbnail template. However, the template is a key to make your image more attractive to look at. To get the best template, you can find it from the internet and save it on your PC’s library. After you have the good template, you can also edit it using the two image editors above, here we choose to edit the template. Following some steps below!

  • Go to
  • Click on the Start Editing button to go to Kapwing Studio.
  • After that, you can upload a template image as you have stored in your library and then paste it.
  • Under Output size in the upper right corner, you can also click the “16:9” option.
  • Last, you are ready to upload the Bracer skin image.

(2) The second way that you need to do is to modify the Bracer image by adding some text and the background. Furthermore, to make your Bracer thumbnail more inviting to look, it cannot be separated from modifying the images. In this modifying step, you can also change the quality of your images to higher quality.

Well, to modify the Bracer image, you can also use one of the image editors above or you can choose one of them.

(3) The last step to use the Bracer image as your Thumbnail is to process, download and upload the image to your social platforms. Once you’ve modified the Bracer image and add some texts into the image, it’s your turn to download the image from the image editor. Then, you can save the image in your PC’s library. After that, you can start to upload the Bracer skin image to your social platforms including YouTube, Twitch and Mixer, choose one as you have. Use the Bracer image to be your thumbnail.

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