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Choosing a gorgeous skin for your avatar is a must for you. Definitely, skin can make your avatar get a pretty and cool look. So far, skin in Fortnite can be called a crucial thing that must exist. Without skin, of course, you cannot play Fortnite. It means that Fortnite identically presents with many skins inside.

Certainly, there are tons of skins in Fortnite that you can choose anytime. As we know that Fortnite skin comes with many visuals either in cool or colorful look, pretty or extreme look, and male or female look. That’s why in Fortnite you are allowed to choose the skin as you love freely.

As a noob of Fortnite players, you may be a bit confused when you want to purchase the skin for your avatar, but it is normal because the skins are so many.

So, we are here to help you in choosing the best one. In this case, you will need some references before you buy a skin from Item Shop.

Then, you may need a skin related to your hobby. In this case, we are going to focus on giving a skin for maniac bikers or motorcycle riders. We guess that some of you are probably an avid rider. In Fortnite, you also want to use the skin related to the rider or biker.

Surprisingly, just in Fortnite, you can get it all. You can totally get the rider skin, that’s called Burnout skin.

Burnout is the name of one of Epic outfit skins in Fortnite. You really can use this skin in Fortnite Battle Royale. Burnout skin comes with a cool black jacket and jeans along with a pair of black boots. It is also featured by a jet-black biker helmet which conceals the face of the avatar. Furthermore, the entire outfit also features a red undershirt and some red stripes.

The Facts of Burnout Skin

To know more about this skin in detail, in the below, we will show some facts about this skin that probably will be your consideration to choose this skin. Here are they:

  • This skin was released on March 9, 2018.
  • The skin was also last seen on June 24, 2020.
  • This skin was involved as the Epic Rarity skin in Fortnite.
  • This skin was a type of Fortnite Outfit.
  • This skin is available in the Item Shop when it’s on rotation.
  • This skin comes with male look.

Need to know that this skin is a part of the RPM set. At least, there are 5 cosmetics items in the RPM set including cyclone, lug axe, downshift and Redline skin.

Of course, it is so simple if you really want to have this skin. Just spending your V-bucks for about 1,5000 v-bucks, of course, you already have this awesome skin that you can use for your avatar.

Then, you will get the Wheelie Back Bling as the bundle in this outfit.

The biker helmet featured in this skin is an official sign in which it is totally for a maniac biker and motorcycle rider.

So, what are you waiting for? Get it soon!

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