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Fortnite Creative mode makes people creative because here people can put anything that they want in the map that they create. They are able to put the things that they like and then mix it with the idea of another game. One of the Creative mode map that you can find in Fortnite is Call of Duty Zombies. How it is and what is the code for this map?

There is a player named TheBlackShield which has recreated the iconic Call of Duty Zombies map Nacht Der Untoten with a close likeness to the original map which comes complete with a Mystery Box and also the new areas which are able to be unlocked with points which are earned by kills.

There are some key aspects to recreate a map from the original and those include the long starting room and the choices to go to the upstairs level. Weapons on the wall are also almost the same as grenades which are available to be bought upstairs in a small corner. So, even though there are no actual Zombies from Call of Duty in Creative mode, at least you will need some friends to make things work and it includes someone who wants to take on the role of a Zombie.

If you are curious with this map and you want to try to explore this map, you are able to do it. The code for this map is:

  • 9302-4233-3656.

You should decide to take on the undead in this Iconic Call of Duty map and then you are able to prove how many rounds that you can survive against a horde of Zombies.

Talk about zombies maps, in the Fortnite Creative mode you are still able to find more maps about zombies. If you like something about Zombies, then playing these maps is a good choice for you. One of the Zombie maps that you are able to find in Fortnite Creative mode is Nuketown Zombie which was created by Oberontv. The code for this map is 0975-7667-0071. In this map, you have to save the Nuketown by killing 500 zombies. In addition, you are able to collect your weapons in mystery boxes and survive chaos. Getting the different assets such as intensive care, fast running, boogie dance, and radios to attract zombies are also able to be done here.

Another Zombie map that you can try to play is Covert Courtyard Zombies map which is created by Ake. In this map,  there will be Survivors vs Zombies. You have to look for the 3 Medkits and escape on the plane. But, it is important for you to know that Ammo is limited. You are able to set teams previously to match in this game. If you want to play in this map, the code for this map is 7743-2660-9084.

What do you think about the maps above? Are you curious enough about them? If you are curious and you need new experience and adventure, then you are able to try to use the codes above to play the zombie maps.

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