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As Pro-Fortnite player, definitely you have completed for any challenges, haven’t you? Surely, it can be a normal deed for you remembering every Fortnite player really want to be a best competitive player by completing some challenges inside. Of course, if you finished the challenges, your level will be higher as well.

Then, what is the challenge that you can find in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1? If you are on the Chapter 2, of course, you will find some challenges that you have to complete. One of them is by visiting the Camp Cod Location. Then, what is the location and how to reach it?

The Camp Cod challenge is a kind of challenge involved into Fortnite weekly challenges as the second part of Meowscles Mischief. Need to know that Meowscles is one of the five Agents firstly introduced during the start of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2. For each Agent requires two sets of the challenges when the players can acquire the rewards such as for Shadow and Ghost version of the skins, wraps and more.

Here are the lists of the Fortnite Meowscles Mischief Part 2 Challenges:

  • To search for the chests at the Frenzy Farm or Steam Stacks – 10
  • To catch a can, a weapon and a fish – 1
  • To have a deal damage to other players using the Assault Rifles – 1000
  • To have a deal damage to other players while riding a Choppa – 200
  • To find a chest within 10 seconds of landing from the Battle Bus – 10
  • To eliminate enemies at the Yacht or the Salty Springs – 5
  • To block damage with a Decoy Grenade – 100
  • To destroy dog houses – 3
  • To dance at the Lake Canoe, Camp Cod and Rainbow Rentals – 1
  • To ride a Zipline, the Steamy Sacks and use a Secret Passage in a single match

Due to come to this page to know the location of the Camp Cod, of course, you will get it more. The Camp Cod is one of the locations that you have to visit of completing the challenges. The other concurrent locations with the Camp Cod are Lake Canoe and Rainbow Rentals. Then, what is the challenge that you have to do on these locations?

Definitely, to finish the challenges as soon as possible on these locations, you are allowed to dance and consider it done. By dancing at Lake Canoe, Camp Cod and Rainbow Rentals, automatically you can finish the challenges well. Because of the all locations are unmarked on the map, so, you probably will not find them without any guides.

Then, to make you easier in finding the location of Camp Cod, we will give you a guide to find it. Indeed, the Camp Cod location can be found on the southern part of the map (G8) which is a giant island. So, it totally can be hard to miss it. It is exactly located southeast of Misty Meadows.

Furthermore, the Camp Cod is a small island connected by a bridge with storage area for what seems to be old objects from Fortnite Chapter 1 Map.

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