Can Xbox Gift Cards Buy V-Bucks?

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Can Xbox gift cards buy V-Bucks? You are not able to buy V-Bucks with Xbox gift card but you are able to give your friend V-Bucks as a gift using Xbox gift card. Giving V-Bucks is a little complicated. There is no way to buy it directly, and there is no way to buy a physical object that you could put into a stocking or something.

In short, if you want to give V-Bucks, you need to give a gift card for the platform that your friend is playing on. So, if your friend plays on Xbox One, you can give them a gift card for Xbox One. some other cards are Playstation gift card for PlayStation, Nintendo eShop gift card for Nintendo Switch, a pre-paid Visa for PC (actually, there is no a specific store for PC gamers to buy Fortnite stuff from, buy you are able to get it to use towards in game currency), a pre paid debit card for Android (since the game uses the launcher of Epic Games like the PC version), and an iTunes gift card for iOS App Store (since Fortnite is available from the iOS App Store).

All the gift cards mentioned above, including Xbox gift card are available to be purchased from Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, and the other retailers that usually carry the physical versions of platform specific gift cards. You are able to stick inside an empelove for your friend to unwrap on their practice.

In the end, the player will need to redeem the Xbox gift card or the other gift cards on their own once they get back to their system. However, after that, they are able to use that money to buy anything from those digital stores. On the other words, they are able to buy another game, downloadable content, or V-Bucks of Fortnite. Your friend can just choose V-Bucks if they want to get V-Bucks.

Once again, you cannot buy V-Bucks directly using Xbox gift card but you can share it to your friend. If you have Xbox gift card, you can give it to your friend so that they can redeem it to V-Bucks. On the other hand, your friend also can send you Xbox gift card that in the end is able to be redeemed to V-Bucks.

Talking about Xbox gift card,this kind of card is able to be used to buy something. Those include subscription such as Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate; popular games, apps, and add ons; the newest movies and the trendiest TV shows; and accessories and devices such as Xbox One consoles and controllers.

If you want to redeem the gift card, you need to go to the Redeem page of the official website of Microsoft. For more information about Xbox gift card, feel free to visit the official website of Microsoft. If you have something to ask, do not hesitate to contact the customer service of it.

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