Can You Play Fortnite on PS3 for Free?

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You may be wondering whether you can play Fortnite on PS3 or not. Indeed, there are many members who ask questions on some gaming forums and make threads to discuss it. Of course, they are still curious if it is true that they can play Fortnite on PS3 or it’s just a scam. Well, to find the real answer, please keep staying on this page!

CanYou Play Fortnite on PS3 for Free?

Unfortunately, the answer for this question is totally big NO. You absolutely cannot play Fortnite on PS3 even if it’s free. If someone tells you that there is a great way to be able to play Fortnite on PS3 for free, of course it’s totally just a scam and makes you a fool.

In fact, there are many YouTubers who are giving tutorials that make them able to play Fortnite on PS3 for free. They may suggest you to download and install some unknown app on your device to make it work playing Fortnite on PS3.

After they give you the tutorial step-by-step to download and install any apps, they tend to give unfinished tutorials. It means that they do not show their Fortnite gameplay on PS3 and how they play Fortnite on PS3. Well, from this stage, we definitely can conclude that they are just swindlers. So, please don’t believe them.

Why You Cannot Play Fortnite on PS3

As we know that Fortnite has been one of the most popular games of the last few years. Fortnite is commanding a massive following across platforms including PS4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms. Then, you may think that it is possible for Fortnite to be played on PS3 even for free. Evidently, your thought is totally no.

At least, there are two main reasons why you cannot play Fortnite on PS3. Here they are:

First, PS3 was created many years ago before Fortnite launched. In this case, Fortnite uses Unreal Engine 4 which is the latest iteration of Epic’s Unreal Engine technology. Then, the Unreal Engine 4 was created a few years after the PS3 was released. Of course, it is so impossible for Unreal Engine 4 to work on PS3 as not only is the architecture on PS3 not up to the task. But, this is also quite exotic and convoluted to program for.

Well, both of these issues are definitely at odds with Epic Games’s desire to make Unreal Engine Technology a powerful toolset which is easy for developers to use.

Second reason why you absolutely cannot play Fortnite on PS3 is due to Sony’s last-generation console just not supported anymore. With the breakthrough of PS4 through 106 million sales at last glance, then Sony gearing up for a massive next-generation launch with its PlayStation 5 console in holiday 2020. Of course, there will be very little commercial incentive for developers like Epic to focus on what is technically now a legacy platform.

In this case, Fortnite seems too demanding for the PS3. Evidently, you already know that you cannot play Fortnite on pS3. As a great solution, you probably can trade in the PS3 towards the purchase of a PS4, Nintendo Switch or Xbox One which will play Fortnite.

Moreover, if you choose the Nintendo Switch Lite rumored to be unable to be docked, it means that you will need the regular Switch if you want to stream or record the gameplay footage while docked. Even if you find an adapter for the Lite system, it is also rumored to also be software locked.

What People Say Regarding the Impossibility of Playing Fortnite on PS3

Of course, we also got some real answers from some members of any gaming forums which gave opinions related to the impossibility of playing Fortnite on PS3. We got the answer from  Quora  as the one of the biggest forums which open discussion for any topics.

There is a thread from Quora in which someone asked the question “Would the PS3 be able to run Fortnite?”. Of course, there are many responses from other members who gave certain opinions regarding the impossibility of playing Fortnite on PS3. So, here are the answers:

First, A member of Quora named A. Leathers, Owner of the Quora Owls Space answers that Fortnite is not compatible with PS3 because of some reasons below!

  • The PS3 is much less powerful than the minimum specs to play Fortnite MOBILE.
  • The PS3 isn’t compatible with the newer versions of Unreal Engine 4.
  • The PS3 isn’t powerful enough to run Fortnite even with sub phone graphics.
  • It would get 15 FPS at best.
  • Since it’s not compatible with modern versions of UE4 it would only be able to match players with other PS3 players.
  • If it worked there wouldn’t be enough people on PS3 to find a lobby.
  • Most people don’t have PS3s anymore.
  • It would cost millions of dollars to port it to the PS3.
  • It wouldn’t be profitable.
  • They’re not gonna do it if they’re going to lose money.
  • Most people who have/have a PS3 have another device that can play Fortnite on it.

Second, a member of Quora named Harvie Bohannon, knows Japanese said that there is no way to get Fortnite on pS3. Now, Fortnite was only available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, iPhone, Nintendo Switch and a small amount of Android Phones. Known PS3 is 10 years old and they mostly will stop online multiplayer to support this console in the near future.

There are some facts about this case, they are:

  • The PS3 is old and most people play on a PS4 over the PS3
  • The PS3 likely would not even be able to handle the game
  • There will likely never be online support for the console in the near future.

Third, a member of Quora named Kodi Hoyle said that the people should ignore the fact that the engine is not compatible with the software. Because of  the console’s limitations in its graphics and CPU, it will not be able to handle the Fortnite gameplay well.

So, those are some reasons why you cannot play Fortnite on PS3. Hopefully, you get the satisfied answer from our article.

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