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Most cosmetics which are leaked will be released within Fortnite soon. Certainly, it makes the players waiting for the cosmetics that will be coming to the shop. Then, they will be looking for any information on what date the cosmetics will be released.

Well, you are coming to this page to know when the Castaway Jonesy skin is released, aren’t you? Of course, you are at the right page now. In this chance, we are going to leak the date of Castaway Jonesy skin release. So, stay tuned, Dude!!!

What makes you so interested to know the release date of the Castaway Jonesy skin. Does the Castaway Jonesy skin attract you a lot? If so, it is not strange for you because other players probably do the same thing with it.

In fact, every cosmetic which will be upcoming in Fortnite generally makes the players wait for. Indeed, Epic Games always gives a surprise for every Fortnite player with it.

Recently, the Fortnite players are taken aback by a skin release. However, this skin which was released to Fortnite comes with something unique and inviting to talk.

As a Fortnite fan, you probably will follow for any updates. Well, for this new update of Fortnite, you may already know that Epic Games released the skin named Castaway Jonesy. Among the players, this skin gets any weird reactions because of the skin’s look. What does the skin look like?

At the beginning, Epic Games released the skin named Jonesy. Jonesy, Fortnite’s favorite goofy blonde guy who has been featured in most game trailers, has a new look, and his inspiration is pretty clear to see. It seems that this new skin takes inspiration from the overweight and depressed looks of Thor from Avengers: Endgame, or The Big Lebowski if you prefer Coen Bros.

It’s not an official crossover, but Epic and Marvel have been in partnership since several times. Fortnite players recently got a Captain America skin, Deadpool appeared in a lot of season 2, and of course there were big Avengers ties when Endgame came out in early 2019. So, it is no wonder if the Jonesy skin suddenly appeared in Fortnite Item Shop.

Need to know that Jonesy and Castaway Jonesy have different skin. The Castaway Jonesy skin is the opposite appearance of Jonesy. If you know well that Jonesy has a obese body and get a lucky life, but it is so different from Castaway Jonesy.

Castaway Jonesy is presented with an outcast man who has a very thin body. He seems to live in the jungle, which means that he looks like Tarzan. On the other word, the Castaway Jonesy is a shirtless Jonesy skin.

When will the Castaway Jonesy Skin release?

The Castaway Jonesy skin was officially released on August 20, 2020. That’s so fresh, isn’t it? Certainly, the skin is now available in Fortnite Item Shop. So, if you really desire to get this unique and odd skin, of course, you have to buy this skin soon before it is out from the Fortnite shop.

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