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Sometimes, when you are buying a Fortnite skin, you may want to feel how if have an uncommon and anti-mainstream skin. However, the Fortnite skin which comes with an uncommon and unique thing will deliver something different than a common skin.

In Fortnite, you absolutely can get any skins with different look based on what the theme is. If you are a veteran Fortnite player, you may already know that Fortnite skin comes with a lot of looks. So, it is no wonder if every Fortnite player will choose the skin based on what they interest.

If you really know that most Fortnite players will choose any cool and gorgeous look, but you cannot also deny if some of them will prefer unique and uncommon skin look. Fortunately, there are tons of skins that you can choose in Fortnite with a variety of theme.

Epic Games recently released an  unusual and picturesque skin to Fortnite. With the release of this skin, almost all Fortnite players are surprised and shocked at once. However, this skin comes with a uncommon look in which it  needs a few times for players to digest it. On the other word,  this skin is the most anti-mainstream skin ever made.

Then, what is the name of the skin?

You may wonder what the skin is that makes many players in shock.

The most anti-mainstream skin in Fortnite is Castaway Jonesy skin. Well, when you hear this skin name, we guess that your brain automatically will direct into a figure with a shirtless Jonesy based on the Jonesy featured in the Block party shorts.

The Castaway Jonesy is an uncommon skin that you can find in Fortnite Battle Royale. Of course, this skin can be obtained with V-Bucks when it appears in the Item Shop.

Then, how much does the skin cost?

Well, if you want to purchase this unique skin, you totally have to spend about 800 V-Bucks. That’s a reliable price, isn’t it?

Keep in mind, if the Castaway Jonesy skin is available in Item Shop, you surely must buy it soon, because the skin suddenly will be out from the shop without knowing when it will be back soon.

The Castaway Jonesy Skin Facts

Then, to help you more understanding all facts about the Castaway Jonesy skin, we provides everything you need to know about this skin. Here are they:

  • The Castaway Jonesy skin was released on August 20, 2020.
  • The Castaway Jonesy skin was last seen on August 21, 2020.
  • The Castaway Jonesy is an uncommon Fortnite rarity skin.
  • The Castaway Jonesy is a type of Fortnite outfit.
  • The Castaway Jonesy skin is now available in Fortnite Item Shop.
  • The Castaway Jonesy comes with male visual.

Those are some facts about the Castaway Jonesy skin that you need to know before you decide buying this skin. However, by knowing some facts about a skin that you will buy, it will ease you whether to buy the skin or not. So, grab it fast!

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