Cheapest Fortnite Skin Combos

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The game called Fortnite has taken the world by storm, especially the gamers. It is not just about the game, but the combination of the skin as well. Some of the skins are available in the shop rotations and are able to be purchased using V-Bucks, which can be earned or brought using the real life currency.

Aside from that, another way of getting Fortnite skins is by earning tiers in the Battle Pass season. In order to show how important skins are to the Fortnite players, during the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 9, those who pre-ordered the phone were given a choice of a Fortnite headset, the name of the exclusive Galaxy Fortnite skin or 15,000 V-Bucks.

For those who do not have enough V-Bucks, purchasing the skin combo can be an issue. However, you can still do it with the limited amount of money. Here are some cheapest Fortnite skin combos that you can consider.

  1. Black Knight and Dusk Wings
  2. DJ Yonder and Waveform Back Bling
  3. Calamity and Red Shield Back Bling
  4. Battle Hound Skin and Gold Back Bling
  5. Fable Skin and Red Shield Back Bling
  6. Dusk Skin and Black Shield Back Bling
  7. Fate Skin and Black Dusk Wings
  8. Skull Ranger and Ignition
  9. Skull Trooper and Dark Wings
  10. Commando and Dusk Wings

The combo of red and black always looks great. You can see how great it is by looking at Black Knight and Dusk Wings. This one is the legendary male skin in the Fortnite Battle Royale. It is the most famous skins of Fortnite. The appearance of it is similar to an armed knight with the black vest, black helm, and black pants that makes the authoritarian nature of the skin pronounced. Black Knight is able to be found in the Fort Knight set. This one is a tier 79 premium battle pass reward for season 2.

DJ Yonder is able to be unlocked by buying battle option season 6. As for Waveform, this one is unlocked when you get to tier 38 in the same battle pass. This mix looks best with the Smash up pickaxe.

Calamity or a cowgirl skin is amazing, especially when combined with the Red Shield Back Bling. This one is able to be unlocked at tier 1 by purchasing the season 6 battle pass. It looks really great because the shield matches with her hair color.

If you want to know more about the other combos and their prices, do not forget to visit the official website of Epic Games as well as the sites such as Wiki. There are a lot of Fortnite skins. Each of them appeals to the players based on the color preference, cost and availability. They are just some of the possible cheapest combos. Some of the combos mentioned above are good for camouflaging while some other are more striking and easier to spot. Feel free to choose which cheapest Fortnite skin combo suits your style and budget.

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