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Are you ready to deal damage using Choppas Blades in Fortnite Season 4 week 12. However, this is a new set of challenges which offer you to be completed. This week comes with fairly straightforward but you still have to know that there are a couple which allow a bit preparation and patience.

One that gives you more patience is to deal damage with a choppa’s blades. You may think that completing this challenge is so easy to do. In fact, completing this challenge is much harder than said. Don’t worry! In this post, we’re going to share how to deal damage using Choppas blades.

What are Choppas Blades in Fortnite?

Choppas Blades Fortnite

Before you go on dealing damage using Choppas Blades, better for you to know what exactly the Choppas Blade is. Well, the Choppa refers to a Fortnite vehicle in Battle Royale mode. This vehicle was introduced in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. This is the second air vehicle which is introduced to the game, the first being the X4-Stroming in Fortnite Season 7. Blade here is a sharp knife as the part of Choppa.

Choppa itself has a boost which fits five players including the driver that makes them a very appropriate vehicle from running from the storm. Moreover, Choppa is an air vehicle which can move downwards and upwards vertically. It also moves in any horizontal direction at a constant speed.

This vehicle also has a boost functionality that supplies a small burst of horizontal speed in any direction. The players totally can use this boost to ram through structures, dealing minimal damage to the vehicle.

Inside, the vehicle has 5 seats divided to one driver and four standing on platforms which are mounted to the landing skids. It also has 1500 health and no weaponry even though the other players are able to use it, aside from Superpowers.

The Choppa is also featured with a loudspeaker function when the players turn it on, it will play Ride of the Valkyries as a classical piece composed by Richard Vagner. When the players exit the vehicle, the players will take regular fall damage due to not have the anti-fall damage effect of a Bouncer or Shockwave Grenade.

The Choppa’s Functions are……

At least, there are two main functions of the Choppa that you can use, they are for using and for countering.

  • For Using

The primary function of the Choppa is to provide fast travel between the locations for multiple players. Somehow, this vehicle is so vulnerable especially in its size and the location where the players have to fly it. Because of these vulnerabilities, it is so essential to fly close to tall hills and also buildings to cover if an opponent suddenly attacks you.

Then, if you are trapped in the storm, this vehicle is useful to escape from it because of its speed and the fact passengers can heal whilst being in the vehicle. While you are in a scary situation, this vehicle can also be used to ram into buildings and deal contant damage to the opponent players or destroy the Choppa to cause a damaging explosion.

We suggest if you use the Choppa, try not to fly it high as if an opponent does shoot you down. Here, you will either die because of its explosion or you will need to bail out and die from fall damage.

  • For Countering

The second usage of the Choppa is to counter your enemy. It means that if your enemy uses a Choppa, it is not a good idea for you to fire at it when you see it. Here, you will not also deal very little damage compared to the vehicle’s total health but you can also alert the driver to your location where the enemy player will have a mobility advantage and can get the significant high ground.

Somehow, if your enemy is trying to ram and deal contant damage or your position is near Choppa, you can fire upon the helicopter. Well, in this situation, you either hurt the enemies by destroying the Choppa or you are able to shoot through the windshield to directly damage them.

How to deal damage with Choppas’ Blade in Season 4 challenge?

However, completing the challenge this week to deal damage using Choppas blade is a bit hard to do. Why? The hardest part in completing these challenges is to get into a chopper as many other players are currently going for this challenge too.

If you have trouble when getting into the Choppa, you can try to visit less populated areas in which you can find one such as the mountain in Catty Corner. If you have a plan to complete this challenge by yourself, do it best to get in the Choppa and fly it around while crashing into your enemies.

To note, this challenge comes in three stages including deal 50, 150 and 250 damage with the choppa’s blade. Just like the previous week, you have to back out to the main menu before you can unlock the next stage. It means you cannot dealall 450 damage in one match. When you are ready, you can start in a solo match and head to one of the high-traffic areas, better for Stark Industries or Doom’s Domain.

However, both of those locations are a home to a helicopter. To get the helicopter easier, you can go to this location. But if a player gets it before you, you have to restart as well. We suggest you play in solo because there will be more enemies to go around so it eases you to deal damage. However, you can also obtain your progress when your teammates deal damage with the Choppa’s blades. If you’re really struggling, you can play with a squad may be the way to go.

Last but not least, the things you must be aware of is that you do not have to deal damage to the actual players to get the progress in completing this challenge. Here, you can go against the Stark Robot at Stark Industries and get the credit. That’s easier than trying to deal damage to the real players as the robot tends to stand still.

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