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Cizzorz is an Twitch Streamer, American YouTuber, and a professional Fortnite player who resides in Minnesota now. The real name is Jack and was born on April 25, 1996. Cizzorz is well known for playing Duos with the kids who has never got a “Victory Royale”, or is still new to the game. Aside from that, Cizzorz is also notable for making deathruns and if you beat it the fastest out of everyone you are going to earn a specific amount of cash. In fact, Cizzorz also plays with and trolls the kids who has very strange personalities. He is also known for doing many trickshots and funny moments.

Talking about Cizzorz, you may open this page to find out the information about Cizzorz Death Run code. Is it alright? If you want to find out this information, apparently you are at the right page. Here, we are going to share the code of Cizzorz Death Run. Therefore, you do not go anywhere and keep staying on this page to get the information you need.

Here are some island codes by Cizzorz. After you read the text below, then you will be able to find Cizzorz Death Run code.


Island code: 6509-1069-6161

Island description: $5,000 Prize Pool Goes to fastest 3 Times. Now, you are able to subscribe to YouTube.Com/Cizzorz or else. Good Luck, you will need it.


  1. No taking the items From Level to Level (Example: using impulses from level 5 on level 6).
  2. No using re spawn invincibility to your advantage.
  3. Time Starts when leaving FRONT Player Spawn and STOPS once you land on the Llama.

Island Type: Parkour, Mini-Game, Challenge.

  • DEATHRUN 3.0

Island code: 6245-9996-8091

Island description: The first two Deathruns and the very popular Death Maze by Cizzorz were so successful. Cizzors has announced a $10,000 open competition. You are able to see the rules and details for the competition, then load up the code and try your hand at winning a piece of the $10,000 prize. Epic Games sponsored Cizzorz Deathrun 3.0 for getting the top content creators and streamers to compete against each other.

Island Type: Challenge, Parkour


Island code: 4041-8511-7061

Island description: This is the first Escape Room. If you stream this, please do not let chat spoil the answers. Find the secret path to victory and have fun.

Island Type: Escape Maze, Challenge


Island code: 0940-9970-7913

Island description: In December of 2018, Youtuber Cizzorz issued this map as a challenge to all Fortnite Gamers. The prize of this island was a massive shoutout, $1000, and free Cizzorz Merch. The challengers were not allowed to deploy glider, edit, build, or break anything on the map. Besides, they also had to video record their gameplay. The winner of the contest is Suezhoo who had a record time of 3 mintues and 17 seconds.

Island Type: Parkour, Escape Maze, Mini-Game, Challenge

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