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What’s a great challenge that will raise up your anger in Fortnite? Generally, destroying objects in Fortnite is such a challenge which can raise your anger. However, if the challenge allows you to destroy something, of course you will do it in anger, don’t you?

Well, Fortnite Season 4 Week 4 offers you a challenge of destroying the collector cases at The Collection. This challenge is now available in Fortnite as of September 17. In this chance, we are here to guide you all about Collector cases challenges that hopefully will help you in completing this challenge. So, stay tuned!

What Are the Collector Cases?

The collector cases are cases made from glass that you can find at the Collection. The cases are involved as the Collector’s Museum in the universe of the Guardians of the Galaxy. There are a total of three collector cases that you can find in this place.

Where is the Collection?

The Collection is a special Marvel location added to Fortnite map Chapter 2 Season 4 based on the Marvel comic equivalent of Benicio del Toro’s character in the Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers movies. The Collection appeared a few days after the launch of Fortnite Season 4.

The Collection is located near Retail Row in the H6 tile on the map. It is also near the peak of one of the snowy mountains. However, you will not miss this giant floating structure with tons of glass cases on it.

Furthermore, you will find this quiet area south of Retail Row on a snowy hill. Need to know that it is a landmark which does not appear by name on the Fortnite map. Furthermore, The Collection location on a snowy mountain is near the Fortnite areas of Catty Corner and Retail Row. After you travel to these areas by sky or by land, indeed it will be very hard for you to miss the museum of the Collector Cases.

How to Destroy the Collector Cases in Fortnite?

Well, once you find the Collection, you will need to destroy three of the glass cases on the platform. However, it is so easy in all cases because each case is not far. Indeed, the collector cases are simply destroyed by breaking them with your chosen harvesting tool. You also can destroy them by using a weapon but it will be a waste of ammo.

In this location, there are also plenty of ammon, weapons and health scattered around the nearby area. Ensure that you loot up quickly in case someone shows up. Well, if you meet with another player who has the same goal of destroying the collector cases, of course, you need to try and be friendly though. We really know that they are also trying to complete the same challenges.

What Will You Get After Destroying the Collector Cases?

Of course, every Fortnite challenge will deliver the rewards once you complete the challenge. Well, destroying three collector cases will net you 25,000 experience points to level up your battle  pass toward unlocking Iron Man and other rewards.

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