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You will be amazed that Epic Games officially released a pack and bundle called Corrupted Legends. This pack has been released in the v14.10 update which is now rolling out across different platforms. Epic Games first has released the Fortnite packs and bundles which they usually only release one or more each season.

In this season, Fortnite has been releasing several packs and bundles quickly. Those packs and bundles will be available in the Fortnite shop soon. The bundle comes with three skins modeled after releasing the skins in a whole new style. From this bundle, you definitely will get any items within this bundle.

What Will You Get From The Corrupted Legends Pack?

There are three skins and three back blings that you can get from this pack. If you are curious what you will get from this pack, definitely you can see a list of Corrupted Legends Pack.

Here are all the Corrupted Legends Pack that you will get from:

  • Corrupted Arachne Skin
  • Corrupted Long Legs Back Bling
  • Corrupted Insight Skin
  • Corrupted Sight Sling Back Bling
  • Corrupted Shogun Skin
  • Corrupted Bladed Wings Back Bling

From this pack, the player is able to choose how they want their corrupted Legends Fortnite skins to look by using a slider. In this case, the player also can adjust the slider to change the visual of the skins as the slider changes how the corrupted Legends skin looks.

Has Corrupted Legends Pack Released?

You probably cannot wait for the release of the Corrupted Legends pack. This pack officially released on September 22, 2020. But, it may be slowly going out worldwide and will be available in the item shop for purchase very soon.

Why Can’t I Buy the Corrupted Legends Pack?

Need to know that the Corrupted Legends pack or bundles will be available in the item shop in Australia and New Zealand first. Somehow, it seems like the players on PC are able to purchase the pack from the item shop.

So, it does not wonder if many players are currently reporting that they cannot purchase this pack in the item shop. However, it will roll out across all platforms within the next 24hours, but it will be available soon for each platform in each country. Who knows?

How Much Money that You Spend to Buy This Pack?

If you are really interested to buy this Corrupted Legends Pack, you certainly need to know for the price of this pack. Well, this price of the Corrupted Legends pack is at $15.99 USD. From this purchase, you totally can control the amount of corruption on each skin in the styles menu.

Well, if you want to know the Corrupted Legends pack in detail, you certainly can watch some videos that show you about this pack. So, here they are:

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