Dance on Top of a Giant Dumpling Head

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In Fortnite game, you will be able to find challenges and those challenges are fun and challenging to do. One of the challenges is dancing on top of a Giant Dumpling Head. You probably now will be in this challenge and you need some information about it.

The challenge for Season 9, Week 4, you have to complete the stage 1 and 2 of the dance challenge. In the stage 1, you have to dance inside a holographics Tomato head and then in the stage 2, you have to dance inside a holographic Durrr Burger head. Now, in the final stage which is in the stage 3, you have to dance on top of a giant Dumpling head. It is important for you to know that the Dumpling head is not holographic and you are not able to dance inside it. The thing that you have to do is dancing on top of it.

For your information, the giant Dumpling head is the most latest food mascot which was added to the game. Previously, there were two primary food mascots, Durrr Burger and Tomato head and both of them have their own skins in game.

If now you will be on the stage 3 which is dancing on the giant Dumpling head, it means that you need to know where the location of this thing. You will be able to find the Giant Dumpling head in the Lucky Landing. It can be found in the Southernmost part of the map. It is by the edge of the Snowy Biome and the Grassy Biome. More specifically, it is located in South of Fatal Fields.

The Dumpling Head is able to be found on the roof of the building near the Northern entrance of Lucky Landing. It is the building North of the tree with pink leaves. The Giant Dumpling is able to be seen rotating on one of the roofs in Lucky Landing and there will be a smaller building with a red dragon beside to it which is able to be used as a landmark.

Is there are tips to complete this challenge? Well, to complete this challenge, you have to find the Giant Dumpling Head which is located on top of the one of the tall buildings in Lucky Landing. It will be hard for you to reach it if you do not have the proper materials. So, you have to begin with gathering wood, stone and metal so that you are able to use them to reach the Dumpling.

Also, you will need to have an emote equipped to be able to complete this challenge. You are able to equip them before you join a game via your Locker tab in the main lobby. How to do an emote? Some of you may not know how to do this. If you want to do an emote, you are able to choose them from your Emote wheel. You need to remember that you have to go to your Locker and then assign an emote to your list to be able to use them.

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