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What’s new in Fortnite?

You may be curious what’s new in Fortnite. Of course, something new in Fortnite is not far from the new skins or new features added. For you who are a God player of Fortnite, you are probably not strange anymore with the new updates of Fortnite.

In these new updates, new Fortnite skins have been released as confirmed from Epic Games with the launch of the Dark Vanguard Outfit. Epic Games officially released new Fotrnite skins on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Of course, the fans can grab the skins soon in the Item Shop.

The Dark Vanguard is a legendary outfit in Fortnite Battle Royale. This skin comes with female skin which is so adorable to look. The Dark Vanguard presents a black skin-tight space suit with the orange vest pattern. This also features a pitch black closed astronaut helmet. It is so similar to the Dark Voyager Legendary Outfit.

This skin definitely comes with the Legendary Back Bling called Dark Void and also equipped by other back blings.

Moreover, the dark Vanguard is a part of the Space explorers Sets that contain the epic gliders, they are Deep Space Lander and Orbital Shuttles. Of course, purchasing the Dark Vanguard outfit will come with a bonus Legendary Back Bling called Dark Void.

At least, there are included in the Space Explorers Set, they are Leviathan skin, Eva harvesting tool, Fish tank back bling, Dark Void back bling, Planetary Probe glider, Astro back bling, Deep Space Lander glider, Orbital Shuttle glider, Dark Vanguard skin, Dark Voyager skin, Moonwalker skin, Mission Specialist skin, and Voyager glider.

The Dark Vanguard skin can now be found in the Item Shop. Then, you have to spend about 2,000 V-Bucks.

Set on Voyage towards the Victory Royale as the Dark Vanguard. This Dark Vanguard skin is easy to remember because it has purple glowing accents to the black and orange space suit. It totally completes with a black space helmet.

To make you know in detail about this Dark Vanguard skin, we kindly share some facts of this skin. Here are they:

  • The Dark Vanguard skin was released on April 08, 2018.
  • The skin was last seen on June 26, 2020.
  • It is included as the Fortnite Legendary Outfit.
  • This skin was a type of Fortnite outfit.
  • This skin is now available in Fortnite Shop.
  • This skin came with a female look.
  • The skin costs 2,000 V-Bucks.

In addition, the Dark Vanguard skin was originally released in Fortnite Season 3. This skin mirrors the space theme from the season. Definitely, this is a female version of the Dark Voyager skin. It comes with all dark coloring on the suit. Apparently, the skin includes the pink lights and the orange chrome color on the chest area.

Then, if you really want to have this awesome skin, you absolutely have to buy this skin soon when it appears in the Item Shop as its diary rotation.

Of course, exploring the outer limits with this Dark Vanguard skin right now.

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