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After a little bit of delay, the second week of Fortnite Deadpool challenges are now live in the game. Last time, the players of Fortnite have two new missions to complete on their quest to unlocking a Deadpool skin in the game, and also like last time, players will have to go to the secret lair of Wade to discover their next quests.

The first part of the quest involves buying the Battle Pass, that costs 950 V-Bucks. Once you have done that, go to the Battle Pass screen and look for the little Deadpoon mask icon to the right of the Challenge Table. You will be able to see a little gold fan just below the icon. Please click on it to enter the secret room where you will be able to find a computer and a letter from Deadpool.

The Fortnite Deadpool Week 2 challenges are to find a milk carton and collect the chimichangas of Deadpool that are hidden around the HQ. The milk carton challenge is self explanatory, but discovering the chimichangas may be a little bit more confusing for some players of Fortnite. In total, there are three chimichangas that the players of Fortnite will have to find, but the players will have to find the milk carton first and then visit the computer of Wade again in order to activate the challenge.

The first one is found in the main screen of the HQ. This one is right underneath the Fortnite challenge table. The second one is able to be found in the locker of Maya, sitting in plain sight on a shelf. After finding these two, the players of Fortnite will have just a Deadpool chimichanga left to collect, though it is a bit trickier.

In order to get the final and the third Deadpool chimichanga for the Fortnite Deadpool challenge,the players of Fortnite have to go to the Agents area and then click through on the Brutus icon, assuming they have never been there before. They will then have to clcik for “more info” and back out. After that, Deadpool chimichanga sitting on the desk to the right should be ripe for the taking.

Once the players of Fortnite have collected all the three chimichangas, they will immediately get a Deadpool spray as a reward. However, there are some other weeks of Deadpool challenges planned for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. What those challenges will entail have yet to be revealed, but the fans of battle royale game will find out for sure next Friday, as the developer of Fortnite called Epic Games has confirmed that the Deadpool challenges will release on Fridays instead of Thursdays.

Of course, there will be a few things for the players of Fortnite to do besides Deadpool challenges each week. Apparently, the new Fortnite challenges will be added to the game each Thursday, and completing them will be the best way for the fans of the battle royale genre to complete their Battle Pass.

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