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The latest Deadpool challenge of Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2 is out and the players are getting one step closer to the Deadpool skin. The Merc with a Mouth is at it again, and like the time players had to destroy toilets, this times the players should be ready to do some more vandalism. The challenge of the week has players focused on defacing recruitment posters for Ghost (and Shadow) factions. They will have to have purchased Fortnite Battle Pass to access the Deadpool challenges.

Completing all seven weeks of the Deadpool challenges can unlock the special Deadpool skin, but will also require an additional seventh week challenge. It does not matter the week seven challenges might be, it has yet to be revealed even by data miners, but for now, the players have to grab a Big Black Marker of Deadpool for this week’s challenge.

All the recruitment posters were added to the V12.20 update and the locations are spread really far throughout the map. For the most part, posters are able to be found in any of the big towns, especially if they have a gas station. Fortunately, players will only have to deface three posters, which can normally be found in one area.

The easiest area will be at Frenzy Farm as there are three posters that quite close to each other and will be able to knock out this challenge all in one go. As always, each player has to keep an eye out for this being a popular spot.

  1. First Poster

On the north side of the Frenzy Farm, there will be a big red barn. You will find a Shadow poster on the southeast corner of the barn. All that you have to do is to go up to the poster and interact with it. Keep in mind that you do not need to spray paint. Once everything is complete the Deadpool should show up in the poster.

  1. Second Poster

The second one is able to be found on the other side of the Main House in the center of Frenzy Farm. It will be a Ghost faction recruitment poster and will be on the southeast side of the house on a brick wall beside a car.

  1. Third Poster

The last one is located in a smaller red barn just south of the previous locations. This one also typically has a tracker on the inside, so all the players should be aware of this when looting around the area. On the west side of the barn, you will find a shadow poster. Please deface this last poster and the challenge should be completed in one fell swoop.

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