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12.61 update of Fortnite has arrived, and it is brought one more set of challenges to complete before Season 2 winds down and Season 3 starts soon. The Storm the Agency challenges are now live, and one of the missions is to eliminate henchmen at different safe houses. For those who are having trouble tracking those down, this article consists of the guide that will show you where the safe house are located and how to complete the challenge.

So, where are the shadow safe house locations? The safe houses of shadow have been a fixture of he map since Season 2 started, but they are tricky to find because of their inconspicuous appearance. In fact, the safe houses are all disguised to look like common buildings from the outside, but there are some telltale signs that give them away. You will know for sure when you stumble upon one as they are swarming with AI henchmen, so you will have to be cautious when approaching them.

Here are the locations of the safe house:

  • Pleasant Park
  • East of Craggy Cliffs
  • South of Sweaty Sands
  • Middle of the island east of Frenzy Farm
  • On the small island north of Misty Meadows

How to complete the challenge? The trickiest part of the challenge is actually tracking down the safe houses, so once you know the locations of those, all you have to do to complete the mission is to go to them and eliminate henchmen. Please keep in mind that you need to eliminate a henchman at three different safe houses in total if you want to finish the challenge, so you cannot return to the same one across some matches, but you should not have much difficulty regardless.

As you can see from the list, there are a total of five safe houses on the island that you are able to visit, but you will have to visit one. All of them are spread out all over the island. Three of them are able to be found above ground, and two of them are hidden underground. Do not forget to complete this challenge by visiting only one safe house.

The first safe house is able to be found North of Holly Hedges. The second one is able to be found on the middle island North of Misty Meadows. The third one is able to be found East of Craggy Cliffs. The fourth and the fifth one are underground and will need players to use secret passages to get to. You will be able to find one in Pleasant Park and the other east of Frenzy Farm.

Feel free to visit any location of safe house that you want. However, since the last two are underground and can be difficult to find, it is better for you to visit one of the first three locations of safe houses mentioned before. If you think you are an expert and you can make it, then choosing the underground location is fine.

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