Drive a Car from Slurpy Swamp to Catty Corner in Less Than 4 Minutes Without Getting Out

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Fortnite Season 4 Week 5 comes with some excellent challenges that successfully attract many players to complete it a lot. Indeed, those challenges are really fun and enjoyable to complete. Well, what is the best challenge that you can complete this week?

One of the week 5 challenges allows you to drive a car from Slurpy Swamp to Catty Corner in less than 4 minutes without getting out. This challenge is totally similar with the previous challenge that required the player to drive from Retail Row to Pleasant Park.

However, if you have played Fortnite for a longer time and ever completed a similar challenge with it, we guess that you will get easy in completing it. Last but not least, knowing more about the guide of how to complete the challenge to drive a car from Slurpy Swamp to Catty Corner in less than 4 minutes without getting out is also a must for you.

Drive From Slurpy Swamp To Catty Corner Route

Of course, to complete this challenge, you really have to know the route of driving a car from Slurpy Swamp to Catty Corner. By knowing the right route, completing this challenge is such an easy way to do it. Well, here are sequence of routes that you have to follow:

  • Route 1: First off, make sure to grab yourself a car and fuel is enough to use. If the car  does not have much fuel. Certainly, there is a gas station north of Slurpy Swamp which will have a car there along with gas cans.
  • Route 2: Then, at the back of the gas station, you will see one or two fuel cans on the floor outside. At this time, you are able to fuel the car up at the gas station if you want. Of course, the car here will spawn randomly. If you are a lucky person, you will obtain a Whiplash that will lead you to complete this challenge as fast as possible, but any car will do as you have 4 minutes.
  • Route 3: From the gas station, you can drive the car into Slurpy Swamp and take the route so that you can drive your car to Catty Corner in less than 4 minutes without getting out. When the challenge is exactly started, you will see a challenge event started notification as you drive your car.

Need to know that this challenge may take you around 2 minutes in a slow car. In this case, you must have around 50% fuel left when you want to complete this challenge. Keep in mind that you do not get out of the car at any point during completing this challenge. If you get out, of course you need to go back to Slurpy Swamp and start the challenge again.

How to Complete this Challenge?

As we have explained that to ease you in completing this challenge, you absolutely have to know the route to drive your car from Slurpy Swamp to Catty Corner. Certainly, we have mentioned the route above. Now, you have to follow the route and drive a car as well as possible. Then, please avoid driving on hills or grasses because it will consume time and will get you out of the car.

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